Monday, 29 July 2013

Lovely Girlie Goes Up For Sale....

If you have read further into my blog you will know I like to dabble now and then in customised ponies. Over recent months I have been playing with 2 horses, 1 of which was a breyer Valentine. I wanted to do something different with her and the more I looked at her the more the Half passing dressage pony grew for her.

Its fair to say this girl didn't go into position without putting up a good fight and at one point I nearly shelved her for good! To her luck she kept catching my eye and in the end I managed to pull her off. Here are her pics...

Unfortunately now I find I have to many half passers and can't see myself having her painted anytime soon, this being said I thought I'd open her up for offers and see how she goes. I have no idea what she is worth but think she deserves a fair price. I'd love to see her finished eventually though as I think she will be a stunning pony!

Of course there is the possibility that I end up not being able to let her go and withdrawing her from sale! I'm going to have to stay away from logging into MHSP for a while I think. :)

My 2nd boy is a custom hackney....

 This guy was made up from ermmm......?  A breyer ASB body and a Keltic head. Again I done loads of work to this horse too including lengthening his barrel as British Hackney horses have long body's (don't confuse them with Hackney ponies).

 I moved his legs, rebuilt his hooves, gave him a new mane and tail and of course a new head! He then was airbrushed into a Bay Stallion with a strong blaze and 4 white socks. The white comes from the splash gene that was introduced into the breed. This guy will of course be a harness horse when i get time to make him a harness of course, lol.

British Hackney breed horses are graceful, strong, muscular neck, head with noble upright profile, high-tail. Legs are slender, extremely flexible joints Hackney Horse . Hooves are small and hard. The Hackney Horse has massive physique and height at withers of 144 to 164 cm. Hackney Horses have good form after long use, they are energetic and hard working horses.


  1. Wow, I love both of them! Gorgeous!! ;)

  2. They are both beautiful! Glad you didn't shelf the Valentine for good, she has the most beautiful face :) Wish I had the money to put a bid on her.


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