Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Bit Of Fun!

I had to wait in all day today for a parcel delivery so thought I'd have a saddle pad making day since I have received quite a few orders for them lately. When I had finished I started to clear up my work desk and found an old Thelwell book I had as a kid! Oh I love these little ponies as they are such fun!

One of my favourites has to be this one....

It always reminds me of a little Welsh Mountain Pony I used to have called Freddy. He was a complete pain in the bum especially when the blacksmith came, he would literally climb the walls rather than have his front shoes on! lol.

After finishing my customer pads I made up another just for a laugh....

Its so sweet!! If anyone wants the saddle pad they are welcome to it (saddle not included) BUT! you must pay the shipping and be the first to comment to this thread. First come first served....

I'll leave you with another 2 of my favourite Thelwells, enjoy...

Darn Postman never did come!! Maybe tomorrow......

Monday, 29 July 2013

Lovely Girlie Goes Up For Sale....

If you have read further into my blog you will know I like to dabble now and then in customised ponies. Over recent months I have been playing with 2 horses, 1 of which was a breyer Valentine. I wanted to do something different with her and the more I looked at her the more the Half passing dressage pony grew for her.

Its fair to say this girl didn't go into position without putting up a good fight and at one point I nearly shelved her for good! To her luck she kept catching my eye and in the end I managed to pull her off. Here are her pics...

Unfortunately now I find I have to many half passers and can't see myself having her painted anytime soon, this being said I thought I'd open her up for offers and see how she goes. I have no idea what she is worth but think she deserves a fair price. I'd love to see her finished eventually though as I think she will be a stunning pony!

Of course there is the possibility that I end up not being able to let her go and withdrawing her from sale! I'm going to have to stay away from logging into MHSP for a while I think. :)

My 2nd boy is a custom hackney....

 This guy was made up from ermmm......?  A breyer ASB body and a Keltic head. Again I done loads of work to this horse too including lengthening his barrel as British Hackney horses have long body's (don't confuse them with Hackney ponies).

 I moved his legs, rebuilt his hooves, gave him a new mane and tail and of course a new head! He then was airbrushed into a Bay Stallion with a strong blaze and 4 white socks. The white comes from the splash gene that was introduced into the breed. This guy will of course be a harness horse when i get time to make him a harness of course, lol.

British Hackney breed horses are graceful, strong, muscular neck, head with noble upright profile, high-tail. Legs are slender, extremely flexible joints Hackney Horse . Hooves are small and hard. The Hackney Horse has massive physique and height at withers of 144 to 164 cm. Hackney Horses have good form after long use, they are energetic and hard working horses.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


For ages now I have been experimenting with various leather dyes, I started with the fiebings range and they worked fairly well. After a while though I found their brown range was a struggle to get a uniform colour from and the more you applied the darker it got losing the colour you wanted. These dye are chemical based and they do like to bleed a lot, you had to get a really good coat of Fiebings sealer to seal them.

Some folks work with these dyes fine but for all the reasons above they just aren't for me. I have since switched over to Tandy leathers Eco- Flo range which I find so much easier to work with.  These are water based dyes and they seal brilliantly with their approved sealer. You can also buff it to a lovely shine.

The best way for me to apply my dye is with a cut out piece of old t shirt material folded into a square. I then put a good amount of dye onto it and rub it into the leather quite quickly back and forth & side to side. I then let it dry and apply another coat if necessary to strengthen the colour. One good thing with the Eco-Flo dyes is there colour builds nicely so you get a more varied depth. Of course another factor you need to remember is every leather will dye differently, even from the same hide, so its best to cut out what you need plus some spare and dye it all at once.

I have been working on this saddle since Monday for Rachel and finally completed it today. As normal I used the Tandy dyes and sealers.

Its not actually as cherry brown as it looks but its a new colour for me and I really like it.

When you seal a dye it often completely changes the colour, normally for the better. The colour in the saddle above unsealed was a very flat nutty brown so don't be disheartened if its just not really the colour you wanted, it could change. I normally test seal a small corner of my leather and increase the dye colour if need be.

Other leather coatings worth considering are the Tandy Leather Cova colour range. These are water based acrylic leather paints and while I wouldn't recommend them for covering an entire saddle they are great for things like boots and highlighting leather detailing (flowers etc)  in colours you just can't get in dyes. We all need a touch of colour sometimes ;)

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Another Set Gone From My Orders....

Today the sun is shining with a cool light coastal breeze blowing and where am I? Sat indoors working on tack! Something isn't quite right here....

On the plus side I have managed to finish Tracey's new Hunter Set for her Rose Reiner and some extra accessories. Unfortunately my camera died on me while trying to get pics of her boots. Yes I do have spare batteries but they always mysteriously disappear and then reappear in my sons Xbox 360 controller! Magic?!

All in all a successful morning!

 I know I keep saying it but my saddle have taken huge steps forward recently and I now have a stage by stage system that actually works for me. This hasn't come over night, its taken years or trial, error and most of all a lot of frustration! I'm at the point where I'm thinking about down sizing the scale to classic as well as making Traditional Saddlery. This would mean a whole new saddle tree though and that is going to take time to develop and get just right....its in the pipeline though so watch this space. ;)

Time to now go and enjoy this weather as it doesn't come often to the UK! Have a great weekend everyone :)

Friday, 12 July 2013

Neglected Blog.....

It's been some time since I posted in here and I feel I need to grab a duster and start getting rid of the cobwebs!

I have had a hectic last month, my tack work has been held up waiting for stirrups to arrive and they STILL haven't come so I had to order more which puzzlingly turned up fine, grrrr! Since the second lot arrived I have managed to get a fair bit done.

This is Tracey's new saddle to go with her new hunt set -

I hope to have the set and extra accessories all done for Monday. 

Next is a extra set that is now currently on MHSP for sale. I thought that since I was working on 2 saddles I might as well throw in another to work on since I had some nice leather left over. I'm currently taking offers on the set until Wednesday and all details can be found within the advert if your interested in it. 

The other saddle was Stacey's Dressage saddle but I forgot to get pictures of that one....oops!

Since my comp currently hates blogger and won't let me write anything without showing me an error I'll leave this post here. I'm fighting with my Ipad at the moment and it hates this too! I will post again very soon and promise not to leave it so long again. :)