Sunday, 2 June 2013

Tacky Tack?

This is a quick post to share Rogue and the little girls new tack set.  One of the reasons I love Eberl warmies is that their sizing is so similar it makes their tack very versatile. Rogue was made from a Breyer Idocus & Keltec both of which were also Bridgette's moulds so she falls into the warmies sizing perfectly.

Not having Rogue to hand I had to use my Krono boy Chance to model the tack on, the only thing that was a little to small was the martingale but I squeezed him into it just for show.

Looking at Chance all tacked up you could get away with the set in cross country for a brave lady who's colours were pink. All in all its not as tacky as I had envisaged and I'm actually loving how fun it is! My next job will now be to send it all over to Stacey who will then hopefully kindly try it on Rogue. :)