Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tan Hunter Set

Yay! I feel to have been working on this set forever and finally I can say its completed and ready to ship. I don't normally take requests for these tan sets as the are time munchers and take forever to get right, when they do all pull together though they really are eye catching sets.

This one belongs to Julia...

I also have a racing set virtually complete, it is just waiting for the blue material for the saddle cloth to arrive and then that too will be ready to go (I'll post piccies). I'm now finally back where I should be with my custom orders which I have to say is a huge relief, when you start to dream about miniature tack that's not good! lol. Next on my tack list is a Black Eventing set and a Hunter set, I'm actually really looking forward to these as they are something fresh.

Enjoy the weekend! :)

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