Friday, 31 May 2013

Oh My...Pink!

A while back I made a customised mare called Rogue and thought that because of her grumpy attitude she would make a great children's horse, this was spurred on when my proxy shower said she had a little girl without a ride, so off went Rogue on a long journey overseas to be a little girls miserable pony.

Over the weekend they both stepped out to a show and won Reserve Performance Champ! They were only ever meant to be a bit of fun so it was a bit of a nice surprise.

This got us thinking as to why Rogue could be so grumpy and how we could have some more fun with them? Then we thought what if this little girl was obsessed with having everything pink! Haha! No wonder Rogue has an attitude problem, fancy everyone seeing her kitted out looking like that!

Since then I have been working on this, my take on a real saddle picture I posted a little while ago....

I really want to hate this saddle as the shocking pink is startling but I just can't! It seems to draw you in for a closer look, lol!  I can't wait to get this set finished and see it on the mare in question, its just going to be so much fun!

Quick piccy of the girls in question at their show..

Picture rights to S. Crowley


  1. You know my least favorite color is pink but, I just LOVE this saddle! I also love Rouge she reminds me of a very grumpy pony my sister has but, possibly nicer xD

  2. Awesome! It was fun watching you customize Rogue, and that set up is just perfect!

  3. I genuinely thought that saddle picture was the reference saddle...or is it? O____O

    I have plans to inflict a pink diamanté encrusted tack set on one of my Julips but alas, the pony I ordered for that purpose decided he'd suit red far more and I can't do anything about it now! lol

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one drawn in by it! I think we all need a touch of colour now and then ....ok, so in my case it is a tad extreme, 😳 haha.

    1. The thing is, generally speaking I LOATHE pink so it's a big deal to actually want to make anything with it on it!

  5. Rogue reminds me so much of the 16hh gelding that I ride, Lumpy. He was a rescue horse and when he was younger he was nearly starved to death so whenever you try to put his girth on he'll either smack you with his tail or try to bite you, but most times both...

    Devon Comstock


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