Thursday, 2 May 2013

Marathon Harnesses

I seem to have been quite quiet on here lately, this is mainly as I have just been so busy. I'm working to get a few sets finished at the moment so I will have another update to come very soon.

These are a set of pairs Marathon Harnesses which have been a long long time coming. The original ones are floating gawd knows where thanks to the b****y postal system, so these are the second pair I have created. This being said my enthusiasm for them was depleted and I did have to force myself to get these ones done as I'm all harnessed out for a while. I think on the whole they have turned out really nicely....

You might think that harnesses are fairly easy to make considering they are mostly strap work? This is not the case! They are very labour intensive and that's not helped when you have someone as picky as me that must get everything just so and if its not then I have to start again from scratch *sigh*.

The harnesses have blue piping to match their owners carriage and I added some pretty blue head collar slips for some extra detail. I have also added a bit bar to both bridles again to add detail and make them a little different. Bars are added to real harnesses to stop the Liverpool bit bars catching in the strap work, with these being a pairs set I think these guys would need them!

I've now got everything crossed that these ones make it this time, who knows if the others arrive too then I see a great team heading to a show as I know someone that would jump at the challenge! hehe.  ;)

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