Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Keltec Salinero Dressage Set

Just how long does it take to get some decent photos?! I seriously need a better camera as it has taken me over 2 hours to get some photo's of Laurie's new set, I had hoped to get a donation bridle half done but noooooo! grrr, lol. Looks like that's for another day.

Excuse my poor old Keltec boy, he has literally been chucked in a draw so has a few scuff marks. Laurie's set is made up as follows -

Black leather Grand Prix dressage saddle, shaped and padded dressage girth with working roller buckles. Double bridle with raised noseband, silver browband and braided upper reins. White quilted saddle pad and a white half fleece pad.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get more done! :)


  1. Love this set! Where do you get your buckles? :)

  2. Your tack is so awesome, but your dressage sets are particularly drool worthy! Oh one day I hope to make a set mine! :)

  3. Thank you both :D

    Olivia - I use a selection of various buckles from hand made to cast, the ones on the dressage set are some from Rio Rondo. ;)

  4. Hello! :) I'd really like to know, what did you use for the polo wraps? (Sorry if this isn't the right word, I don't even know the name in my own language...) The entire set looks awesome.


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