Sunday, 12 May 2013

Eventing Set Complete!

Quick post of some picture's of Gea's new Eventing set for Justintyme.

Justintyme is wearing my black Legacy saddle with girth extensions and a padded short stud girth. Black grackle bridle with a silver cast full cheek snaffle, rubber grip reins and a completed breastplate. Full set of Eskadron magnetic boots and a white quilted saddle pad with a half fleece pad.

I've really enjoyed making this set as its been a while since one has come up on my order books. I worked on my little half fleece pads to and this is my end result....

Mini version of the real thing! :)


  1. Beautiful set!

  2. wow i'm drooling!!! Your work is amazing!!! Do you take just saddle pad orders??

  3. Thank you all, :D

    Ashley, I certain do. Your most welcome to drop me an email at and let me know what sort of pad your after. :)


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