Thursday, 16 May 2013

Donation Piece

Since I was unable to get any where with this donation piece yesterday I decided to try again today, this is my end result....

My Eberl TB Krono resin looked so nice with it on that I had a play with him....

Its about time that my little girl came out of her box to do something useful even if it is only to hold onto a pony! He is a big boy! lol.

The bridle is a Havanna brown raised Cavesson bridle with gold hardware and leather braided reins. It will now be heading over the water to Stacey for the Down Under Nationals, I'm not sure how it will be sold but if I find out I will post on here in case anyone is interested in it, I'll also try it on a few more gg's to get an idea of size.  


  1. That is absolutely amazing, love the details! And Kronos is gorgeous!

  2. Whoa, I seriously had a double take at the first photo! Both horse and tack look so REAL!

  3. Thank you! I must be getting better at taking photo's....although having a nice horse helps, lol. :D


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