Tuesday, 7 May 2013

All Grown Up!

Just over a year ago we added a little Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla puppy to our family called Beau, some of you may remember me posting about him on here and that I was failing to get anything done as he was so demanding. This hasn't changed much but we have come to an understanding and he now lets me get on with my tack work....well....when he isn't in thieving mood that is. *rolls eyes*

On Saturday we took both of my dogs out to one of their favourite spots on the Island, as spring has finally hit the UK and all the bluebells have started to come out. Every year I try to get some good pictures of the forest in a sea of blue as it just looks so pretty. When I got home I had a look through my photo's and realised just how grown up Beau was looking now, when your with them 24/7 you don't really noticed.


How did one smooth haired puppy turn into a wirehaired leggy dog? lol. He is now a little taller than my lab Ben and should still keep growing until he is 18 months, we have had him on adult food since 6 months to slow his growth down. He will reach his true height just over a slower period.

How time flys! ;)

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