Friday, 31 May 2013

Oh My...Pink!

A while back I made a customised mare called Rogue and thought that because of her grumpy attitude she would make a great children's horse, this was spurred on when my proxy shower said she had a little girl without a ride, so off went Rogue on a long journey overseas to be a little girls miserable pony.

Over the weekend they both stepped out to a show and won Reserve Performance Champ! They were only ever meant to be a bit of fun so it was a bit of a nice surprise.

This got us thinking as to why Rogue could be so grumpy and how we could have some more fun with them? Then we thought what if this little girl was obsessed with having everything pink! Haha! No wonder Rogue has an attitude problem, fancy everyone seeing her kitted out looking like that!

Since then I have been working on this, my take on a real saddle picture I posted a little while ago....

I really want to hate this saddle as the shocking pink is startling but I just can't! It seems to draw you in for a closer look, lol!  I can't wait to get this set finished and see it on the mare in question, its just going to be so much fun!

Quick piccy of the girls in question at their show..

Picture rights to S. Crowley

Friday, 17 May 2013

Experimental Saddle Pads....

I have been experimenting with various materials to use on my saddle pads and finally I have found some things that work! This afternoon I have been playing around with some colour on my saddle pads and I have to say they look brilliant!  I've wanted to add some colour on my pads for a while now and some contrasting piping, here's a few proto type pictures....

I could now sell these 2 pads on BUT I have decided to offer them as a freebie to a couple of my followers of my blog. It will be first come with a reply to this post as to which one you'd like (1 each) and then I will ask you to email me to sort out getting them to you.

Pads only, saddle is my from my personal collection :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Donation Piece

Since I was unable to get any where with this donation piece yesterday I decided to try again today, this is my end result....

My Eberl TB Krono resin looked so nice with it on that I had a play with him....

Its about time that my little girl came out of her box to do something useful even if it is only to hold onto a pony! He is a big boy! lol.

The bridle is a Havanna brown raised Cavesson bridle with gold hardware and leather braided reins. It will now be heading over the water to Stacey for the Down Under Nationals, I'm not sure how it will be sold but if I find out I will post on here in case anyone is interested in it, I'll also try it on a few more gg's to get an idea of size.  

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Keltec Salinero Dressage Set

Just how long does it take to get some decent photos?! I seriously need a better camera as it has taken me over 2 hours to get some photo's of Laurie's new set, I had hoped to get a donation bridle half done but noooooo! grrr, lol. Looks like that's for another day.

Excuse my poor old Keltec boy, he has literally been chucked in a draw so has a few scuff marks. Laurie's set is made up as follows -

Black leather Grand Prix dressage saddle, shaped and padded dressage girth with working roller buckles. Double bridle with raised noseband, silver browband and braided upper reins. White quilted saddle pad and a white half fleece pad.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get more done! :)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Eventing Set Complete!

Quick post of some picture's of Gea's new Eventing set for Justintyme.

Justintyme is wearing my black Legacy saddle with girth extensions and a padded short stud girth. Black grackle bridle with a silver cast full cheek snaffle, rubber grip reins and a completed breastplate. Full set of Eskadron magnetic boots and a white quilted saddle pad with a half fleece pad.

I've really enjoyed making this set as its been a while since one has come up on my order books. I worked on my little half fleece pads to and this is my end result....

Mini version of the real thing! :)

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Racing Set

Few Piccies of the Racing Set I have been working on, thankfully my material showed up yesterday so I could finally get it finished off.

This is a slip buckle racing set for Mister Shadow done in a Royal Blue. Hopefully Glenys will love her new set, I even added a little horse head to each side of her saddle flaps which was inspired by a real saddle I came across to make it a bit more unique.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

All Grown Up!

Just over a year ago we added a little Wirehaired Hungarian Vizsla puppy to our family called Beau, some of you may remember me posting about him on here and that I was failing to get anything done as he was so demanding. This hasn't changed much but we have come to an understanding and he now lets me get on with my tack work....well....when he isn't in thieving mood that is. *rolls eyes*

On Saturday we took both of my dogs out to one of their favourite spots on the Island, as spring has finally hit the UK and all the bluebells have started to come out. Every year I try to get some good pictures of the forest in a sea of blue as it just looks so pretty. When I got home I had a look through my photo's and realised just how grown up Beau was looking now, when your with them 24/7 you don't really noticed.


How did one smooth haired puppy turn into a wirehaired leggy dog? lol. He is now a little taller than my lab Ben and should still keep growing until he is 18 months, we have had him on adult food since 6 months to slow his growth down. He will reach his true height just over a slower period.

How time flys! ;)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Tan Hunter Set

Yay! I feel to have been working on this set forever and finally I can say its completed and ready to ship. I don't normally take requests for these tan sets as the are time munchers and take forever to get right, when they do all pull together though they really are eye catching sets.

This one belongs to Julia...

I also have a racing set virtually complete, it is just waiting for the blue material for the saddle cloth to arrive and then that too will be ready to go (I'll post piccies). I'm now finally back where I should be with my custom orders which I have to say is a huge relief, when you start to dream about miniature tack that's not good! lol. Next on my tack list is a Black Eventing set and a Hunter set, I'm actually really looking forward to these as they are something fresh.

Enjoy the weekend! :)

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Marathon Harnesses

I seem to have been quite quiet on here lately, this is mainly as I have just been so busy. I'm working to get a few sets finished at the moment so I will have another update to come very soon.

These are a set of pairs Marathon Harnesses which have been a long long time coming. The original ones are floating gawd knows where thanks to the b****y postal system, so these are the second pair I have created. This being said my enthusiasm for them was depleted and I did have to force myself to get these ones done as I'm all harnessed out for a while. I think on the whole they have turned out really nicely....

You might think that harnesses are fairly easy to make considering they are mostly strap work? This is not the case! They are very labour intensive and that's not helped when you have someone as picky as me that must get everything just so and if its not then I have to start again from scratch *sigh*.

The harnesses have blue piping to match their owners carriage and I added some pretty blue head collar slips for some extra detail. I have also added a bit bar to both bridles again to add detail and make them a little different. Bars are added to real harnesses to stop the Liverpool bit bars catching in the strap work, with these being a pairs set I think these guys would need them!

I've now got everything crossed that these ones make it this time, who knows if the others arrive too then I see a great team heading to a show as I know someone that would jump at the challenge! hehe.  ;)