Monday, 15 April 2013

New Look Blog

Recently I have been having problems with my actual website, being a flash site means quite a few people can't access it properly via iPhone, iPad etc (come on Apple, add flash!) even I can't get on it to alter things unless I'm on a laptop which is a pain.
 I pay for my site on a subscription basis so this makes me question whether it was worth continuing now its run out? As those who might have tried to visit it recently may have found out it is down as I haven't renewed it, instead I'm slowly shifting things over to here. I get just as many people visiting my blog plus they offer quite a bit for free which is great so I've been adding pages.

As a result I have given my blog a revamp, this took longer to make the header than anything else but I'm now happy with it. I might reconsider a new website later on if I decide to start taking commissions again but I don't see that happening anytime soon. ;)

While I was looking for some inspiration I came across this saddle, don't worry I haven't made a mini version......YET! lol. I keep wondering what performance it could be use in? Maybe a pony club saddle? I shall have to think on this one as it would be fun to make, hmmm......

Quick Edit - I have just added a tutorial  for Jump cups if your interested in making them. Its over in the pages, upper right hand side. ;)

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