Saturday, 13 April 2013

A New Found Talent

Every now and then I need a break from tack work and this normally means working on one of the customised ponies I have sat on my shelves but this time I decided to have a try at something different. Wood work isn't something I'm particularly good at but given the right tools I have achieved some nice results in the past, one being a lovely cross country jump for my EJ2. As per normal I decided to jump in feet first and try something a little extreme (not as bad as it could have been believe me, lol) and went with an idea of a show jump.

Having done some research and weighing up the pro's and con's of which jump would probably suit mine and my proxy showers needs most I came up with the plan to build a Grand Prix Oxer! (see, told you it wouldn't be something simple!). Because woodwork & painting takes time its been a work in progress for a while now, it did mean I could pick bits up now and then though which was great.

So this is my end result, a 1:9 scale Grand Prix Oxer in Dark Green and White -

As with my tack work I have tried to add as much detail as possible and kept it as clean as I could. I didn't want it pristine as in the real world show jumps just aren't like that, they get used and abused. I have to say it came out brilliantly, even my handmade lil jump cups. Its going to make a great addition to my collection and I can't wait to see it out and about at shows.

I also thought I'd share this pic too, nothing to do with model horses but it was a great picture taken by my son -

This is Nelly the Brazilian Tapir having a yawn. My son works at Amazon World Zoo Park as keeper and the tapirs are part his section he looks after, hence the close up shot. Nelly has had a traumatic few days as she gave birth to a little baby boy tapir on Wednesday night, I didn't see my son come home from work until 2am as he was up all night with her and the head keepers but by the sounds of it it was a once in a life time experience.  Hopefully I can post a pic of the lil bub in another post as I know he has lost of pictures and videos to share, plus baby Tapirs are so cute with their little stripes! :)


  1. The oxer is fantastic! And I thought that last pic was a pretty funny looking horse... :-)

  2. Lol Sian! The more I look at Nelly the more she does look like some freaky mini horse! ;)

  3. That jump is awesome!! Well done! I attempt to make jumps as well, but at the moment they're very simple, nothing fancy. That is beautiful! How did you make your jump cups?

  4. Thank you Lindsay, I'll make up another Tutorial to follow for making jump cups as they were quite easy to make so it shouldn't take long ;)


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