Monday, 25 March 2013

Totilas Fever!

As everyone is probably fully aware Breyer have slowly been releasing the new Totilas mould country to country and he is starting to show up everywhere! This got me thinking that maybe it might be nice to offer my next new sales set as a Totalis Dressage set. I had planned to make one but wasn't sure who to fit it to? However this boy seems to have shown up at just the right time to inspire me into making something very flashy.

Weekends I normally have a break or use it to make something for myself, this weekend was actually quite productive and I managed to complete 2 saddles!

This dressage saddle will be part of my Totalis sales set, its going to be a black leather set with all gold hardware.

And this saddle is part of my own personal collection, I haven't quite decided who will be wearing it but I wanted to make it as versatile as possible to cover a few disciplines. I also wanted to add detail so it has flex effect stirrups and a removable English saddle bag which often gets used in hunting here in to have some where for your sandwiches!

I have also been working on personalising some of my items and managed to make up lots of little brand transfers for my saddle pads etc, just something to say who made them. It also some how seems to make them that little bit more realistic too.

 I'm still playing with the idea of adding billet straps to them but I'm not sure if that would over complicate things and make them even more fiddly than they all ready are?

Anyway, all being well the new sales set should be ready in a few weeks time. Of course I will add all information here before it goes on to MH$P. :)


  1. I so want the Totalis set! Tried to email but it didn't work....when will it be posted?
    Don't you want a custom Totalis? LOL

  2. Hi Tiff :)

    I think my email account need a kick up the bum as it is being very selective lately as to what it filters out.....sorry Hun :(

    Noooo!! stop tempting me with your gorgeous ponies! Lol. Sadly I think any custom would be wasted on me as I don't show, I still haven't shown my very much loved Custom Warmblood you done me.....poor boy needs to get out! ;)

    The Totilas set will be ready Friday, it is looking super smart & Flashy on my Totilas. I'll post pics on here before it heads over to MH$P :)


  3. Do you know what you want for the set? Please email me, would happily pay for it now or are you doing offers?

  4. Hi there Cristina, how much are you selling this set for?? I'm desperately in need of tack for my Totilas model :( can you help? :)

    1. Hi Hannah, this set sold a long time ago and unfortunately I just can not take on any more work at this time, sorry! Hopefully you will find someone to dress your boy :(


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