Thursday, 14 March 2013

Saddle Conga!

I have to say I'm really loving working on my mini saddles at the moment, a few things seem to have pulled together lately which just makes me want to create more! I mentioned to a friend that I have quite a few saddles sat on my work desk at the moment (all spoken for) and she said I should get a photo of them all lined up, the nice thing which doesn't happen often is that they are all different! so here it is.....

There was another one but unfortunately I have that all packaged up so it didn't make the line up. A couple I have blogged about already but 2 are new, the most recent being Lorrie's Dressage saddle.

I have yet to cast my dressage saddle tree but the regular rounded cantle one works great so I might vary them depending on what someone asks for and what I feel would suit the horse more.

On another note I do have a deluxe sales set coming very soon so watch this space as details will be on here well in advance of MH$P ;)


  1. If I didn't know, I would think this was a magazine advert for real saddles :-)


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