Wednesday, 27 March 2013

One Down, Two to go....

Finally I seem to be getting somewhere on the bridle front, it has been very frustrating not being able to hold onto the little buckles for bridles over the last few weeks but thankfully things are now back to normal and I can get on with my little bridle pile. Here is one of Diane's bridle's which I just completed....

Its just a simple raised snaffle caverson bridle but it just looks so smart on Victrix. While playing with some of my saddles I stumbled on a way to make the raised sections much more clean and crisp, combined with my mini stitch marker it looks great! :)

Just another 2 bridles to go now before I can send 3 sets off to there new homes, One I'm not looking forward to but we will see how it turns out *bites finger nails* lol.


  1. Cristina, that's beautiful!!! May we ask your new technique, or are you keeping it secret and special? :)

  2. Thank you Lindsay :)

    I'd be more than happy to share with you all. I have been thinking about making a few tutorials to share with those who would like to have a go at creating English tack.
    This is a good opportunity to make this topic my first......just for you ;)

    Watch this space, lol.
    Cristina :)

  3. Woo hoo!! I'm hoping I might be able to purchase some of your tack at some point, but learning different techniques is always wonderful! I'm working on a simple hunt seat bridle right now.

    Can't wait!!

  4. Lol, I have it drafted out in writing I just need my daughter to help by taking some photo's to go with it. Shouldn't be to long as its half handy! hehe. ;)

  5. What do you use for the little stitching? I have started making SM sized tack and I was wondering what size pounce wheel to buy.

  6. I have a custom made stitch marker that I made myself but I used to use the the Number 9 (21 teeth) pounce wheel as thats the smallest one you can buy. You will probably find that is too big for sm scale, sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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