Saturday, 2 March 2013

New Saddle!

Just a quick entry, I have just finished a new general purpose saddle on round cantle saddle tree. The saddle itself is just amazing, not to blow my own trumpet but it really is like having a real little saddle sat in the palm of your hand.

My aim has always been to keep raising the bar for myself, this last set of adjustments in my work seems to have given it a huge bump forwards to being able to produce saddlery like this....of course this is just my own opinion, lol. When I think back to my first ever saddle I made! Having said that it won the owner a gold NAN cookie in Cross Country so I guess it wasn't that bad, will have to dig out some pictures to compare.

If your interested in purchasing this saddle it is currently up for offers on MH$P in the English tack section. :)


  1. SO beautiful! I am amazed. But why the round cantle?

  2. Thanks :)

    You will find most real English general purpose saddles have round cantles, the main reason for this is a deeper seat to make the rider more secure. Square cantles are used more for jumping saddles and flatter saddle trees. Personally, I think it is personal preference.

  3. Thank you! I didn't know that; I just thought the square cantle was 'more modern'. I don't know when I have seen a saddle with a rounded cantle over here..


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