Wednesday, 27 March 2013

One Down, Two to go....

Finally I seem to be getting somewhere on the bridle front, it has been very frustrating not being able to hold onto the little buckles for bridles over the last few weeks but thankfully things are now back to normal and I can get on with my little bridle pile. Here is one of Diane's bridle's which I just completed....

Its just a simple raised snaffle caverson bridle but it just looks so smart on Victrix. While playing with some of my saddles I stumbled on a way to make the raised sections much more clean and crisp, combined with my mini stitch marker it looks great! :)

Just another 2 bridles to go now before I can send 3 sets off to there new homes, One I'm not looking forward to but we will see how it turns out *bites finger nails* lol.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Totilas Fever!

As everyone is probably fully aware Breyer have slowly been releasing the new Totilas mould country to country and he is starting to show up everywhere! This got me thinking that maybe it might be nice to offer my next new sales set as a Totalis Dressage set. I had planned to make one but wasn't sure who to fit it to? However this boy seems to have shown up at just the right time to inspire me into making something very flashy.

Weekends I normally have a break or use it to make something for myself, this weekend was actually quite productive and I managed to complete 2 saddles!

This dressage saddle will be part of my Totalis sales set, its going to be a black leather set with all gold hardware.

And this saddle is part of my own personal collection, I haven't quite decided who will be wearing it but I wanted to make it as versatile as possible to cover a few disciplines. I also wanted to add detail so it has flex effect stirrups and a removable English saddle bag which often gets used in hunting here in to have some where for your sandwiches!

I have also been working on personalising some of my items and managed to make up lots of little brand transfers for my saddle pads etc, just something to say who made them. It also some how seems to make them that little bit more realistic too.

 I'm still playing with the idea of adding billet straps to them but I'm not sure if that would over complicate things and make them even more fiddly than they all ready are?

Anyway, all being well the new sales set should be ready in a few weeks time. Of course I will add all information here before it goes on to MH$P. :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Another one off my work desk

This week has so far been quite successful, I have managed to finish a few projects off including a dressage saddle, girth and saddle pad.

As my hand is feeling much better next week will be bridle making week so I can complete another 3 sets and get them on their way to their new homes and off my order book too. I seem to be slowly working through the back log and am very nearly caught back up....hand really didn't help things, oh well. 

I have also added a gallery to my blog which I have decided to add photo's of my work to, it will be of any saddlery I have made as of now. A more up to date saddlery selection. :)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Second conga.....

Just had to share this, Stacey sent me a picture of her own conga of my saddles and harness back saddles....I had forgotten how many she had! :)

They are in order, newest at the front to oldest at the back.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Saddle Conga!

I have to say I'm really loving working on my mini saddles at the moment, a few things seem to have pulled together lately which just makes me want to create more! I mentioned to a friend that I have quite a few saddles sat on my work desk at the moment (all spoken for) and she said I should get a photo of them all lined up, the nice thing which doesn't happen often is that they are all different! so here it is.....

There was another one but unfortunately I have that all packaged up so it didn't make the line up. A couple I have blogged about already but 2 are new, the most recent being Lorrie's Dressage saddle.

I have yet to cast my dressage saddle tree but the regular rounded cantle one works great so I might vary them depending on what someone asks for and what I feel would suit the horse more.

On another note I do have a deluxe sales set coming very soon so watch this space as details will be on here well in advance of MH$P ;)

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

From the start....

I was just clearing through some things on this computer and remembered mentioning my very first saddle I ever made, after having a click through a few files I found it!

I made this way back in 2009. Its actually not a bad little saddle.  If I go back to when I was a child, I can remember being told off for using my grandad soldering wire as horse bits for my Sindy horses, I used to make it into little pelhams as they were more realistic than that horrid plastic bridle they came with. So the tack making goes way back, it was just laying dormant for 20 odd years, lol.

Somethings haven't changed, I still use the same hardware and a very similar template for certain saddles. I even still use that Stud girth template which I guess I have never had reason to probably just has a lot more detailing now.

Anyway in 4 years I have gone from my first saddle above to the most recent saddle here -

I wonder what I will be posting pictures of in years to come? :)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Just had to share this...

I don't normally share video's but this came on TV this morning and made me laugh, you will never look at a little pony in a field the same way again! lol.

Sound required ;)

If it won't play here is the link -

Saturday, 2 March 2013

New Saddle!

Just a quick entry, I have just finished a new general purpose saddle on round cantle saddle tree. The saddle itself is just amazing, not to blow my own trumpet but it really is like having a real little saddle sat in the palm of your hand.

My aim has always been to keep raising the bar for myself, this last set of adjustments in my work seems to have given it a huge bump forwards to being able to produce saddlery like this....of course this is just my own opinion, lol. When I think back to my first ever saddle I made! Having said that it won the owner a gold NAN cookie in Cross Country so I guess it wasn't that bad, will have to dig out some pictures to compare.

If your interested in purchasing this saddle it is currently up for offers on MH$P in the English tack section. :)