Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I have to say I didn't think that lil saddle tree's could give me so hassle, I have just arrived back from A&E with stitches in my left hand thumb! The worst part was actually the needles for numbing the area....oh! And having the nurse laugh when I explained what I was crafting, PAH!! She just doesn't understand. ;)

I have sliced my thumb and the top of my little finger with my craft knife while trying to clean this tree up for my next order, heaven knows how I managed to do it but as the doctor said 'it was an accident'. I now can't use it for at least 5 days which is a real pain as I can't work....everything is hands on. You don't realise how much you use things until you no longer can, this hand holds my tiny buckles etc, grrr! 

On the plus side I managed to cast some saddle trees & 6 perfect stirrup treads (there is normally a couple with air bubbles), now I just have to wait to use them. Lol. I can also maybe finish off my website too.....thank goodness I'm right handed! :)


  1. Ouch! If it makes you feel any better I managed to slice the pad of my left index finger open the other day whilst trimming some excess plastic off a doll's arm joints to increase articulation and ended up reducing my own! XD

  2. Ouchie too! Glad I'm not alone in the self mutilation, lol. That was exactly what I was doing to my saddle tree! :)

    1. The worst part is that it's right along the tip so I keep jabbing it on everything - even just typing this I got the odd twinge.

  3. Ouchie for sure. Be glad you're young and healthy. Think of it as a chance to learn one-handed typing. Yes, I've had hand injuries... they taught me to tape up vulnerable places before I started anything risky. But I'm so sorry for your pain. :(

  4. Ooooh! I managed to cut my finger with scissors when working on a saddle and I stabbed my thumb with a knife when carving out a horse's mouth. Neither ended well. At least I didn't need stiches (though I probably should have for the scissor cut).
    I'm glad your good now! Yeah, I always have other people laugh or tell me how "cute" it is that I make little accessories for my "toys"....Yeah. I always growl at them (not literally) and tell them to go and try to make their own.


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