Friday, 8 February 2013


Remember this little saddle?

It was made as a replica of a real saddle set made to fit the starlite resin with wiggle room and has been sat on my work desk now for 5 months waiting to go to its new home, now it seems it is no longer wanted and is homeless! :(

I will list this set on MH$P over the weekend as a complete set (snaffle bridle, hunter breastplate, front magnetic boots and saddle pad with half fleece), if anyone wants to beat me to it and enquire some more then your welcome to contact me at and I'll send some pic's etc over....I have to admit I'm half tempted to keep it myself!


  1. How big is it? I recently purchased a Murdock resin from Rayvin Brewer, and at some point the boy is going to need a full set. Will you link the ad when you post it? It's amazing!


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