Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Since my self mutilation I have had a little time on my hands which had lead to finding myself lurking on ebay quite a bit...this isn't good!  I seem to have found quite a few bargains on the UK version with some cheap Breyers being offered for sale, I look at each horse and see potential in them which has lead to my body cupboard growing in numbers fast and the mail man saying 'Another one for you'.....Oh Dear!

(these are just some of my horses!)

I have had to stop myself on a few occassions from buying something I really won't use, sometimes the £3 bid price nearing the end of the auction is just to much and it is too good to let it go so they join my collection in the cupboard. I have to admit some have come in very handy for tack making requests, this is of course my excuse for buying them when I get asked if I really need ANOTHER model horse? Of course, who doesn't huh?! Hee Hee!

Quite a few of these horses are immaculate and I often think they are too nice to decapitate but I don't collect factory models and never intend to so to my eye they get pictured with new heads and in different gaits etc. 1 guy I  do admit to getting carried away with the last second bidding (yes, I'm one of them frustrating ebay members!) and landed myself with that lil Hackney pony on the front row. Stacey is gonna kill me but I now have plans for him too!! Hurry Up hand....I need you to be in full working order, NOW!! lol. 

It just goes to show though its amazing what bargains you can find and also what they can then become with a little creativity.....watch this space :) 

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