Tuesday, 26 February 2013


Since my self mutilation I have had a little time on my hands which had lead to finding myself lurking on ebay quite a bit...this isn't good!  I seem to have found quite a few bargains on the UK version with some cheap Breyers being offered for sale, I look at each horse and see potential in them which has lead to my body cupboard growing in numbers fast and the mail man saying 'Another one for you'.....Oh Dear!

(these are just some of my horses!)

I have had to stop myself on a few occassions from buying something I really won't use, sometimes the £3 bid price nearing the end of the auction is just to much and it is too good to let it go so they join my collection in the cupboard. I have to admit some have come in very handy for tack making requests, this is of course my excuse for buying them when I get asked if I really need ANOTHER model horse? Of course, who doesn't huh?! Hee Hee!

Quite a few of these horses are immaculate and I often think they are too nice to decapitate but I don't collect factory models and never intend to so to my eye they get pictured with new heads and in different gaits etc. 1 guy I  do admit to getting carried away with the last second bidding (yes, I'm one of them frustrating ebay members!) and landed myself with that lil Hackney pony on the front row. Stacey is gonna kill me but I now have plans for him too!! Hurry Up hand....I need you to be in full working order, NOW!! lol. 

It just goes to show though its amazing what bargains you can find and also what they can then become with a little creativity.....watch this space :) 

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I have to say I didn't think that lil saddle tree's could give me so hassle, I have just arrived back from A&E with stitches in my left hand thumb! The worst part was actually the needles for numbing the area....oh! And having the nurse laugh when I explained what I was crafting, PAH!! She just doesn't understand. ;)

I have sliced my thumb and the top of my little finger with my craft knife while trying to clean this tree up for my next order, heaven knows how I managed to do it but as the doctor said 'it was an accident'. I now can't use it for at least 5 days which is a real pain as I can't work....everything is hands on. You don't realise how much you use things until you no longer can, this hand holds my tiny buckles etc, grrr! 

On the plus side I managed to cast some saddle trees & 6 perfect stirrup treads (there is normally a couple with air bubbles), now I just have to wait to use them. Lol. I can also maybe finish off my website too.....thank goodness I'm right handed! :)

Friday, 8 February 2013


Remember this little saddle?

It was made as a replica of a real saddle set made to fit the starlite resin with wiggle room and has been sat on my work desk now for 5 months waiting to go to its new home, now it seems it is no longer wanted and is homeless! :(

I will list this set on MH$P over the weekend as a complete set (snaffle bridle, hunter breastplate, front magnetic boots and saddle pad with half fleece), if anyone wants to beat me to it and enquire some more then your welcome to contact me at crst644@btinternet.com and I'll send some pic's etc over....I have to admit I'm half tempted to keep it myself!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Resin Tree....

This is a quick post, I just wanted to give an update on how the resin tree for my saddles were coming along. I have cast 1 tree which worked really well, so well that I built my next saddle order on it!

I wanted something that would give me the shape of the seat without losing it when covered which is what was happing with my old saddles as I had to pad it all out so I could counter sink the skirts etc. This design seems to have resolved this issue and now gives a crisp finish while maintaining the overall look.

I'm now on to mould 2 as the air vents need tweaking slightly but I have taken some in progress pictures. Just remember this process is expensive, time consuming, will test your patience and your head might not have any hair left on it from all the tearing it out but hey I have a little saddle tree to show for it, lol! :)

Finally I just had to take a quick pic of the stitch markings my little home made wheel is producing, I made the most of this set being entirely hand cut as tooling leather holds so much more detailing that kangeroo lace doesn't. Thankfully I also had one of my quilted saddle pads already made up to go with the saddle so it was one more thing off the 'to do' list.

Friday, 1 February 2013

VoilĂ !

Yay! Another order off my books! Here is Jessica's finished fine harness modelled on my Custom Roxy, I have to say she looks good in harness but I don't think I have to tell that to Stacey who I have no doubt will harness her up as soon as she gets her mitts on her! lol.

Just noticed that silly me put the traces over the belly band in this pic....always put them under!
On to my next couple of orders now, I'm determined to get everything down and back into some sort of order. :)