Wednesday, 30 January 2013

New year and no new posts!

Oh dear I have been very naughty and forgot to do any posting on my blog, it has been a busy few months what with one thing and another and I have had a serious lack of time to do anything. I seem to have a few things on the go at the moment in between working, as I'm on my old dinosaur comp at the moment I will use what piccies I have recently stored on here to tell you about them. :)

Firstly I'm working on my own custom saddle tree's, these should replace my metal tree's that I'm currently using. Although I won't be able to bend these new tree's (pain) I hope they will give me a set shape to the seats of my saddles and hopefully cut down on my working time. At the moment I have a round cantle jumping saddle tree done and it will be going into a 2 part mold (very American word!) tomorrow. I will try and take some stage by stage pic's as I know I have been asked about tutorials before.....just remember this will be trial and error, lol. ;)

I'm also working on 2 custom ponies, one for myself and one for Stacey. The first I think I have briefly mentioned before on here, she is a customised Ruffian body with an Idocus head (she is mine). My plan is to turn her into a Mary King set up, famous green seated eventing saddle and all!  So far I have just got Mary's pony into some paint....

As you can see I have decapitate the original model and added a Idocus head with more flared nostrils and a pooky lip. I moved all 4 legs to where I wanted them and also gave her a new forelock, mane and flowing tail....oh! and some *cough* lady parts. She also has a nice new resin base which will be covered in model grass when she is complete.
I came quickly to the conclusion that all layer pastelling is not for me, I'm just way to impatient and like to see quicker results so she was air brushed in acrylics. My airbrush and I have finally come to an understanding of what I would like it to do which has only taken me oooo?....2 years? lol. After I had the bay colour I wanted I then used soft pastels to give her colour more depth and of course some dapples too. She still has loads to be done to her but she is cantering along nicely, I'll post pictures of her when she is finally completed. :)
The second pony I don't have any full pictures of on this computer so they will be in my next post, she too is also ready for paint. :)

Tack wise I'm working on a fine harness at the moment, here is a pic of the bridle actually on Stacey's mares head...

Its cut out in case your wondering as what started as a simple tweak of my website turned into a full blown overhaul which is still a work in progress in case you pop in there.
For the eagle eye few, yes the bridle only has 1 bit but for now I want to keep things manageable while I work on it all, later on the second small snaffle will be added. So far so good with this harness, it should be complete and ready to ship out by the end of the week. :)

Lastly, I was asked to make some Saddlebred Quarter boots for someone. These actually made a refreshing change and turned out rather well, I have to say a massive thank you to Amy who kindly provided me with excellent reference pictures....the net let me down on these actually fitted to the hoof.

And also Amy's TWH bridle....

I know the browband is a little over shaped and more saddlebred style but the ref pic had one a long with a shaped noseband, as an extra and to put my mind at rest I added a more straighten red browband when I shipped it out so the bridle can be changed if needed. :)

Time to get off this computer, its sooo slow! lol.

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