Thursday, 31 January 2013

Harness Terrets

Today I have been carrying on with the fine harness I'm making, I finally hit the part I hate and that is the terrets and rein hook! These are a real pain as I like to drill and pin mine so they stay put, I could of course open the leather hole up more and feed the lower part of the terret in but it never looks very nice and I wouldn't be happy with the end product.

Now the Sulser terrets I like to use have very small bases which requires some fiddly work, in order to be able to get a pin into the base I need to use a drill bit that is literally 1mm thick! I have of course snapped quite a few of these through trial and error but my latest little drill bit has lasted me quite some time....must be getting better, lol. I thought I would show you some pic's of how small the drill bit is and what my terrets look like pinned.

These are the terrets and rein hook drilled, I have put them to one side so that the pins can set in the right place. And now for the drill bit....

As you can see it is tiny, this process all takes me time but I think it is worth it in the long run. Hopefully my harnesses back saddles will now take a knock or 2 without the risk of loosing anything.

The end result is very neat and tidy, of course I thread the pin through the leather when the padding hasn't been added and then bent the pin over to latch it on nice and tight. This back saddle is now almost complete (resting on horses back at the moment) and I should have it all finished tomorrow.

Back to work.... :)


  1. Beautiful work! I love harnesses :-)

  2. Very professional looking. I hadn't thought of drilling into cast metal terrets like that, even tho I do have tiny drill bits. I made terrets from soldered pinshanks. Your way is neat and clean.

  3. Thank you both,

    It is very fiddly as you have to hold the terret and drill but the end result is worth it. :)


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