Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Before I started anything today I thought it might be a very good idea to tidy my work desk. I think I got as far as the upper shelves and desk top and that was it, By the time I hit all the unpainted Eberls I seem to have gathered on the right I gave up.....simply no room to move them all to! Still its looking a lot better for restarting tack work in a few days time.

After achieving very little on tidying I moved on to the parcel the postman had delivered a hour or so earlier......

Wow this came fast! I literally only ordered it at 3pm yesterday! If only everything came that fast (*mutters* darn classic scale stirrups, its been like a month! grrr!). Any how, yes its a box. A boring wooden box. Nothing exciting not even when opened....

For ages now I have wanted some where to store my own personal collection of tack, at the moment it tends to hover around my work stuff gathering dust which isn't ideal. So I thought I'd turn this box into a Tack box! I have a few things to get like hooks and something for the saddles to sit on but I'll grab them from the local DIY store tomorrow. I might also turn it into a 'How to' tutorial for anyone that also fancies ideas for making a nice tack box. That will probably be tomorrows post. :)

Still on the wooden/crafting theme I finally got this back out of the cupboard....

I made this jump well over a year ago but never really finished it off. I didn't show so I lost enthusiasm for it. Now I'm going to be performance showing this year I nabbed it back out and dusted it off. It needed the markers finishing and some greenery adding but other than that i don't really have a lot to do to it. Once its complete I will pop more piccies up.

In the mean time have a Happy New Year everyone!  

Monday, 30 December 2013

I do love my blog, Honest!

 Firstly....I hope everyone had a great christmas and got some nice pressies from Santa? Hehe.

Oh my! It seems like my blog has been yet again gathering dust. What with the run up to christmas and me being so disorganised its been a tad hectic my end so I just haven't had the time for blogging. Now christmas has been and gone I feel I can concerntrate on other things...yay!

I will be putting up a few posts over the next few days regarding models and saddlery but until then I will leave you all with all the flooding pictures of my poor Island. We suffered torrential rain and gale force winds just after christmas and I swear for 48 hours all were heard were sirens of emergency vehicles going out.

This is a playing field not a huge lake! Didn't take long for the rats with wings (Seagulls) to claim it!

Train tracks that later down the line were submerged under 9ft of water.

I think the rest will speak for themselves....

Above : Thats actually the train tunnels at the end not a river!

And lastly before I forget CK Tiny Tack is now also over on Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/#!/Cktinytack so if you have facebook and would like to also follow my work on there too give that 'like' button a click! I'll still be blogging as well, worry not. :)

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Up and Over

This is a very quick post, just to put up a picture really :)

Above is Olivia's jumping tack set that she commissioned from me. It has a bit of a purple theme with the purple trim on the saddle pad and I added a patient gloss band through the browband to match too.

All in all a very smart set and I hope it helps you do well Olivia :)

BTW - A message for those that sent me emails. I'm having trouble returning them as they are bouncing back! please don't think I'm ignoring you. I'm trying to get it sorted and will hopefully be in touch soon.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

2 New Saddles

I have 2 new saddles to add to my blog, first up is this mini version of a Wintec General Purpose saddle I was asked to make. I had to redesign all the saddle flaps on this one so its taken me some time to come up with brand new templates. It is actually one I would like to recreate for my own show herd for next year as I really like it.

The 2nd saddle is one that will most likely go up for sale as part of a jumping set. I was going to keep it for my own personal use but the horse I wanted it for has changed disciplines for next years showing and I need a brown version. Again is a slightly different design on the knee pads.

Edited - Above saddle has sold. :)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Dressage with a bit of bling!

This is Gea's new dressage set for her Lohengrin Resin which I have managed to model on my very similar sized Obrigado. The only real difference between them is Lohengrin is a few cm's bigger on the girth which I have hidden on the other side just so I can get the pictures.

The saddle was build on my new XL saddle tree that I managed to cast along with the classic mentioned in my last post. I did think it would take some fiddling to get right but I have to say I'm very please with it as it is and don't for see that much tweaking.Thank goodness!

For the bridle I tried out a new noseband method since I was working on a larger scale than normal.....

Here's a close up.....

I just love how its come out, it really looks like the gorgeous chunky raised & padded nosebands that are so popular in the dressage arenas at the moment, the detail is just so nice in hand and up close. I really did consider making it patient but I think I shall do that for one of my own sets later on.

Each little buckle keeper is carefully handmade from real brass. These were fiddly little suckers to make but they really finish of the bridle with gold hardware. I have been toying with the idea of a chrome version?....hmmm. Maybe again on my own set.

The Obrigado in the pic is mine and I'm still working on prepping him, hence all the little grey apoxie bits on him and new shoes. I have to say he might be a big stumpy legged fellow but I absolutely LOVE this horse, his face just sucks you in! I think its such a shame he isn't more geared towards dressage as he certainly suits the tack but then again I have another excuse to get on and make some Spanish things for him! yay!

I think this set will change again when its put on a painted horse as they are never the same on blank resins. Hopefully i can nudge Gea into sending me some piccies....*hint hint* lol.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I have finally managed to finish my moulds for my new saddles sizes...Yay! Of course once I had cast the first few tree's I couldn't resist having a go at making up a classic sized saddle. Its just so cute! 

 I have the stirrups on order for it hence the straps, they are only there to show where the leathers will sit and will be replaced.
Edit - now SOLD :)

Excuse the horse, its literally one I use to test everything out on....paint, finishes etc. I don't collect classics so it was the only model I had. :)

Back to work......

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Donation Head Collar

Oh my! November all ready.....just where is the time going?! It will soon be the dreaded 'C' word and I'm just so not prepared!

My first posting for this month is of this gorgeous padded leather head collar. It is a Donation piece for a live show I'm attending in February....part of me hopes I win it back! It is very detailed right down to the tiny nail heads on the name plate, they took some fiddling accompanied by a few choice words, lol.

Next up is the completed Hunt set, this one is heading off to Erin.

Apologies for my custom horse too, she STILL isn't completed but I hope to finish her very soon. She will then head off to be with her new mom for her showing career.

And lastly a little update of where I'm at tack wise. I'm currently working on 2 new saddle tree's which are very nearly ready to be cast. I'm quite excited on these as they will now allow me to do Large traditional and Classic scale saddles to the standard of my normal ones!

I'm also experimenting with Spanish/Portuguese tack too......you can probably tell that from my last post. Hopefully I can branch out down that route too tack wise as I'm really enjoying being able to add so much detail to the saddles and bridles etc. We will see how things turn out....

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Working Equitation....

I have recently fallen in love with and purchased a few new Lusitano resins which I have been trying to think of things for them to do at live shows. While researching I came across a whole array of fabulous pictures of horses doing Working Equitation.

Working Equitation is a discipline bases upon the tradition of field work on ranches, highlighting the clear partnership between horse and rider, with an emphasis on athleticism, collection and versatility. There are 3 phases, Dressage, Ease of handling (obstacles for precision) and Speed (obstacles for speed).  In Europe there is a 4th cattle handling phase too.

The picture shown below is one of my favourites and it has inspired me into starting to create some Spanish/Portuguese Tack.

Thinking about my horses and what they can possibly do I decided to start with this saddle. It is a combination of a Portuguese saddle x English saddle (perfect!) and can be used in a few phases.

Here is the real version....

And my new prototype mini version.....

As you can see I'm waiting for the proper stirrups to arrive and have just added some scrap leather in the stirrup bars for now but on the whole I'm really thrilled with this mini saddle, especially as its my very first one! I plan to tweak the knee rolls by making them stand out more and possibly shorted the under panels on my next one (which will be brown leather) but this one will now go into my showing tack.

Monday, 21 October 2013

All Purpose Sales Set

This is the saddle to my up and coming sales set, it will have -

* General Purpose Saddle & shaped girth
* Cavesson Bridle with ring snaffle and braided reins
* Y Hunter breastplate
* Shaped quilted saddle pad

So far I have just finished this saddle and the rest will be done by Friday. I am going to make this to the Pheonix resin size UNLESS someone catches me in time to say they would like to buy it and which horse they would like it for. I thought I'd offer it now incase someone would like it 'made to fit' another horse. I shall pop an ad over on MH$P too. :)

Contact me - crst644@btinternet.com

Thanks :)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Hackney Horse

SOLD - This boy has found a new home :)

I have just listed this guy on MHSP for offers, I hate to see him go and is really is such a lovely soft character. As I proxy show my horses others have taken his place within my herd as priorities to ship so he is wasted sat here. I will be sad to see him go and I put so much time and effort in to creating him...then again if he doesn't find the right home then I will be very happy to see him stay too!

I'm not looking for mega money just a reasonable price and someone to love him. :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

2 More Off My Orders....

I have finally finished off Simone's 2 saddles she ordered from me. This is now another order gone from my order books which means that the rest of this month is now mine and I'm free to do some experimenting....I can almost hear my horses hooves shaking on their shelves, lol. Its a weird feeling as this is my first real break in such a long long time.

I do have 1 very over due double bridle to complete for a friend...you know who you are and your lovely new bridle should be ready to go soon I promise! x ;)

Other news, I have 2 more Eberls heading my way. Sadly only 1 is mine but I do have another in hand heading off to Deb Brown very soon for some new clothes. I promised Deb that this time she won't need to go to the gym to handle him, lol. I'll post piccies of him when he returns.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Phoenix Eventing Set

Just a few pictures of Laura's new Eventing set for her Phoenix resin. The set comprises of -

Havana Brown 'Legacy' Eventing saddle with Burgandy/Navy trimmed white quilted pad.
Matching shaped and padded girth
Grackle bridle with full cheek snaffle and rubber grip reins.
Hunter Breastplate
Full set of closed magnetic Woof Wear boots.
Extra snaffle bridle (not shown).

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Spots...Spots & More Spots!!

Lavendel returned home today!! He has been over with Deb Brown having this stunning paint job done. I asked Deb if she would paint him to a Knabstrupper and she really out done herself! He is just stunning to hand and I think the colour really suits him. I have spent ages with a cup of coffee just admiring the details on him. You really don't see the true potential of a model until they step into clothes.....

I'm just dying now to get him into some tack but I need to find some patience as it will mean making a saddle tree for him which lets face it will be huge! lol.

While he has been away I have been thinking up names for him and came up with Ravaldi. Ravaldi was the sire to the mare I choose as a colour reference picture, so I thought it would be nice to remember her by and it seemed quite fitting.

Cita, a stunning mare with real presence....

I did also manage to sculpt shoes for Ravaldi before he went off to Deb...his shoes look so sweet! Those little finishing touches make a real difference.

Now to line up the next victim.....! lol :)

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Custom Slots Filled

I have been making good progress on my current orders and have finally caught up for this year faster than I thought I would. I'm currently still working on 2 orders and after them I have a double bridle to get finished and I plan on doing 2 sales sets too.

This allows me 2 new order slots for November - the slots would be for either Dressage & Hunting but I might consider 1 as an Eventing set. These are for normal sized Traditional horses as I'm currently still in the process of casting some new saddle tree's in different sizes and they aren't quite ready yet.

The nitty gritty bit.....I will require a non refundable deposit of 25% via Paypal (No e-cheques), no work will begin with out a deposit.  If your interested please contact me via my email in the Order section (right hand side) and I'd be happy to give you a quote and discuss what you might like. Of course these don't have to be sets, I'm happy to do saddles etc on their own. :)


Above is Laura's new saddle I have been working on which is just so lovely to hand. I thought I'd get some piccies as this is my first Brown version of this particular design. Sometimes I just want to smuggle these saddles away and keep them! lol.

Other news.....Lavendel has been away for a while having some new clothes. He should be back home very soon so I will post some photo's of him, he is super smart!!! I'm so excited to see him!!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Dressage Set

Very quick post to add some pictures of Jackie's 2nd tack set. I use my blog as some where customers can also come and view their new tack when email attachments fail....kind of annoying when they do but its great to have a back up.

Had I thought a head I'd have sorted Komet out some holes in my grass base to stand on, grr. I think it is time he too ditched that resin base and joined my other horses with clear acylic ones. 

Anyway, enjoy a couple of piccies :) 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Just how big is Eberl Lavendel?

I've had a few messages asking me just how big this boy is so I'll show you.......

A friend suggested I put him next to Totilas so I raised his base to the same level as Lavendel's to make it a fair comparison. As you can see Lavendel makes poor Totilas look like a pony! I'd say this guy is more 1:8 scale especially from his head.

I'm sure once this boy has his clothes added he will come into his own and I'm still glad I purchased him as he has such presence and character to him.....he just stands out from the crowd! lol.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Legacy Eventing Set

Just a quick post of Jackie's new Eventing set for her Legacy resin.....

I'm also nearly finshed on her other Dressage set for Korsar too. I hope to also share some pic's of Lavendels size next to a normal horse.....its just finding one everyone knows? Maybe a Breyer Journeyman. :)

A Huge Thank you to Glenys too for lending me Legacy again! xx