Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Some Progress....

Thought I'd pop in here and put a few pictures up, resizing things with microsoft paint seems to have issues hence the pics being a tad blurry, grrr. I will resize them again via photoshop which is on my other comp later.

Anyway,  Jackie's new mule hunter set....

My work seems to be progressing in quality, my tiny stitch marker has helped me loads in this too.
Massive Thank you to Glenys to for lending me one of her sunshine mules to work on!! xx 
Another piece of news is that Rogue is slowing coming together, the original colour I wanted for her just didn't suit at all so I had to start again from scratch. She is now a Bay Tobiano....
She has so much more work to be done to her, I have to finish blocking in her upper white and finish her eyes and teeth. I was finishing off another models hooves so done Rogues at the same time as it just seemed easier to do 2 at once. I will probably add a few dapples to her too, this should have been done before adding her white but hey, I never do things in order, lol.
I think she may get a blaze or star at some point too, need to have a chat with my proxy shower and see what she thinks :)
I have to give credit to Danielle Feldman too, it was thanks to some of her DVDs that I managed to use some pastels on this girl too. In fact she is half pastelled and half airbrushed. Danielle's hoof tutorial is very handy too!