Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Where does the time go?

I have been so so busy lately with things and suddenly realised it has been ages since I done a post in here so decided to do a little update of what I'm up to.

Firstly tack..... I have now completed a dressage set order which included an extra caverson bridle, I'm still loving my tiny stitch maker!

I think now this set is done and Willoughby is due to be shelved again he now deserves a fresh paint job, that one is old and I have now come along way since then, just need to decide a colour? hmmmm......

Next is a set for Diane, I have been working on 3 orders at once so there are a few.... bear with me, lol.

We decided to go with a fancy browband on her bridle to match the saddle, I really love how this worked out.

Finally I was asked to create a replica saddle for Jojo, she sent me over some picture of her real saddle to try and recreate as best I could, here is her saddle....

and this is her new model saddle.....

The colour is actually a cherry brown just like hers, the light just wasn't showing it properly today unfortunately. I have cast some white tread inserts for her stirrups and I think I have managed to get it very close. This proved to be one of the more awkward saddles I have made to date, mainly as some of you may know skiver doesn't dye like tooling leather which means you can't exactly match it. This meant I had to thin my tooling leather so thin that I could create the seat etc so they matched.....gawd my arm ached from skiving it!

Here is her bridle, breatplate & boots too....

And lastly, I mentioned a while back not showing any more? Well, I have sort of change my mind a little. Now I love resins but you see so many of the same horse just in different colours that I have decided that if I'm going to show again it will be my own one off customs instead to be a little different. In my body box I found an Idocus and Keltic that I was sure I could do something with, having had a good think about it I remembered a horse I used to have years ago that loved to try and nip at the stirrups when you were sat on her, she was such a character that I thought I might recreate her for a bit of fun.

 This is her nearly finished ready to paint, she is a cranky mare having a nibble.....She is created from Idocus's body with a Keltic head, she has been given a new swishing plaited tail with ribbon, new neck with larger braids and I have given her teeth in her mouth. This girlie has be extremely good even though I have had to work hard on her in my spare time...

I have nick named her 'Rogue' as she certainly looks like a bit of one! I have also kept her performance friendly so I can tack her up to do something (I'm a tack maker! hee hee!), it has been suggested maybe a pony club pony? Oh and she is a kicker hence her ribbon in her tail which will be red! Later on I plan to do a companion for her to be being grumpy with, I just need to decide on what to create and from who?

She also gained some shoes, I sculpted these myself so I could add toe clips. They just now need refining.

Anyway, I hope you like her as much as I do. I'll keep her progress up todate on here, I do have another custom on the go too but she is way behind this girl ;)


  1. If I didn't know better I would think that saddle was full size! Your tack is amazing.

  2. Yes! And your customizing work as well!

  3. Thank you both :D

    That saddle was certainly a learning curve, lol. Unfortunately my pup came running into the room today, knocked a table and set my poor custom girl flying! *cry* She is more robust than I thought and bounced quite well but she is now missing an ear tip.....back on the fixing desk for her! ;)

  4. I love Rogue! She is gorgeous. And I love how you did a "portrait" saddle. What a keepsake!


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