Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another New Girl.....

Sneaky peek at another custom horse I'm working on at the moment. I have so many horses in my body box but there was one I have been wanting to play with for a while now, Ruffian! Having the left over Idocus head that came off Rogue's body I thought I could make use of it, especially seeing as it has much more detail than Ruffians, plus it matched the reference photo better too. Now I could have done her bucking but I have seen a few Ruffians made into this plus not really performance friendly so I decided to go along with this movement instead.

On my girl I have moved all the legs into the correct position and replaced the head with Idocus's head. I took off the forelock, enhanced the upper lip and flared the nostrils more to make her look like she is cantering. Also I have replaced the base with a more user friendly one that I created myself from Apoxie sculpt, I'm pleased with how this base has turned out as she sits quite solid on there.

She still has a long way to go but she is coming along, obviously her tail is currently just wire and she need a new braided mane and forelock. These will be one of the last things to do before her final primer, at the moment she has much more finish work to be done. I will get some better pictures of her, it is just dark here right now so this was the best my carema would do.

Rogue on the other hand is half way through paint! She is coming along well despite a set back on colour, my original choice just did not suit her so it was onto  plan B. I'll post some pictures of her when she is finished. :)

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