Thursday, 30 August 2012

Latest Tack Set so far....

Wow 2 posts in 2 days, I'm on a roll! lol. ;)

This is one of the current sets I'm working on at the moment, I posted a piccy of the dressage saddle yesterday and today I finished it's girth and the caverson bridle (another double bridle will go with it too).

I'm just so please with my custom made stitch marker, it just looks fantastic in hand!

Just the saddle pad, a pair of boots and a padded double bridle to go on this set now.

I thought I'd also share a few pictures of my hounds Benson and Beau out on their walk today, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live on such a beautiful little Island, I just need reminding of it when I travel to the mainland and it costs me £65.00 to get off it! lol.

Enjoy! :)

Oh! and just a quick note before I forget, I had a few awol emails arrive my end today in my spam, I will finish answering them tomorrow morning ;)


  1. You do live in a beautiful island and are very lucky :-) The raised browband and noseband have me just in awe..

  2. The bridle is beautiful! Fantastic work. :)


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