Thursday, 30 August 2012

Latest Tack Set so far....

Wow 2 posts in 2 days, I'm on a roll! lol. ;)

This is one of the current sets I'm working on at the moment, I posted a piccy of the dressage saddle yesterday and today I finished it's girth and the caverson bridle (another double bridle will go with it too).

I'm just so please with my custom made stitch marker, it just looks fantastic in hand!

Just the saddle pad, a pair of boots and a padded double bridle to go on this set now.

I thought I'd also share a few pictures of my hounds Benson and Beau out on their walk today, sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live on such a beautiful little Island, I just need reminding of it when I travel to the mainland and it costs me £65.00 to get off it! lol.

Enjoy! :)

Oh! and just a quick note before I forget, I had a few awol emails arrive my end today in my spam, I will finish answering them tomorrow morning ;)

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Back to Normality

Finally after what seems like a lifetime (ok, slight exaggeration, lol) I have managed to juggle everything back into line. Pup has finally learnt that when I'm at my work desk I'm not playing and now has a snooze with my other dog Ben. This means I'm finally able to start working through my back log of orders, unfortunately I now can't take on any more work until I clear all the ones I have first....My 'just one more won't hurt' isn't doing me any favours.

Also I seem to STILL be having email issues as a few people have said they have sent me emails which I haven't received my end, grrr. I will be sorting out a another email purely for Tiny Tack related things tomorrow, hopefully this will resolve the issue once and for all. In the mean time if you haven't heard back from me keep trying!! ;)

So far I have managed to complete Angela's LONG awaited Show hunter pony tack set, I also painted Comet into a nice little Dun for her too. Here he is....

I have managed to finish a dressage saddle for Kim over the last few days too, she asked me for a combination of 2 saddles I do and I think it turned out really well....

I do have a reason for mentioning this saddle, if you look very closely you might notice the stitch marking detailing is very tiny? For ages now I have been trying to find a smaller pounce wheel to the no9 with 21 teeth without much luck so I decided that if I couldn't find what I want then why not make it? I have tried and tried to make one but it always went wrong until through pure pot luck that I came across a strong little toothed wheel that was ideal for what I wanted! it has double the teeth and works brilliantly, the biggest difference is on bridles (will get pics later). Here is a picture of my wheels marking on a scrap piece of leather to give you an idea... the old one is the green arrow and the new with the blue arrow. So much smaller and neater, although it is personal preference.

Finally I thought I'd share a piccy of Beau my pup, he has grown so much when I look back now. He has started loosing his puppy teeth so is chewing for Britain at the moment, I have to keep putting his pressed rawhide bones down to keep him going.....and to save my furniture! lol.

This pic above made me laugh, it is like little & large on a mission! ;)