Tuesday, 12 June 2012

New Eventing Set...

Well after what is I hate to say months! I have finished Glenys Eventing set she ordered from me. I have to say I'm so pleased with how it has all turned out, Glenys has been fantastic throughout and let me side line her order a few times to finish off others...thank you so so much hun *huge hugs* xxx.

She gave me a basic idea of what she wanted for Pheonix (Legacy) but left it more or less up to me as to what I wanted to make, this was a massive opportunity for me to have a play with some new ideas, I did run them past her first though as I'd hated to have made something she didn't like or want. I made up a new template design for a saddle and got to work, making new templates eats time, even simple changes involve a fair bit of planing out to get just right, quite often things don't line up how I want them to so I have to start again which is frustrating. Thankfully this new saddle went rather well from start to finish....had to have a little luck somewhere! lol.

Enough jibber jabber I guess and time to show you all some piccies.....

Her set is made up as follows -

* My new 'Pheonix' saddle (named after her horse, lol.) It is very detailed and has raised knee pads and hind thigh pads, fully adjustable stirrup leathers and my new lightweight black stirrups.
 Short padded stud girth with extensions. White sponsored saddle pad with fleece half pad.

* Five point breastplate with green and black banded elastic.

* Grackle bridle with an Egg Butt Snaffle with leather braided reins.

* Magnetic white with dark brown trim boots.

I borrowed a few of Glenys dolls a little while back (made by Joan Yount) and thought I'd set a little scene up with the jump I also made for her. I think it will look amazing all completed!

and jumping the wrong way....

Hopefully she will be pleased :)

On a few other things, you might have noticed that I added my new stirrups to this set. These were the first prototype ones that I made, I think they came out brilliantly and definately add to the set....at the moment they are OOAK, lol! ;)

They weren't an easy road, I must have tweeked them many times to get them right.  I found that what looked great sat in your hand suddely showed up tiny flaws when you made a mould from it and cast a stirrup, grrr! These were some (and I mean some!) of my waste stirrups -

These were the few I couldn't bring myself to throw away, LOL! In the end I got the mixture and pigment right and the end result was much much better as you can sort of see in the pictures above.


Monday, 11 June 2012

Internet Issues

This is a quick post as I just want to warn everyone that I'm dealing with that I'm having issues with my Internet and laptop which keeps over heating on me, hopefully the net is now sorted out and I'm trying to catch up with my emails when my laptop plays nicely....if you have contacted me recently and not had a reply please bear with me as I will get to you asap! :)

I'm now going to pop across to my website and leave a little note in there too.

I'll be back again in here soon with some recent updates and piccys! ;)