Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My New Creations...

Some of you may know that I have been creating some of my own accessories to go with my saddlery, this has meant buying some equipment and learning what I can about mould making so I can cast a few things...the net is so useful, especially You Tube videos.

After watching a brilliant video on how to reproduce a little resin christmas tree (of all things) in a 2 part mould I was dying to get started. I found out my kids lego bricks (oh what fun! lol) and made up some boxes with them to house the moulds. After working out what went where and trying not to forget steps in the process I have managed to make some rubber moulds of my items....YAY!

One thing I wanted to create was some black light weight competition stirrups, these are often seen in Jumping and Cross country plus they have a big advantage in the model horse and real world as they shouldn't knock the horses sides or elbows. After completing the second part of my mould for them I had one scarey moment when the 2 parts wouldn't seperate but fortunately with a little pressure they came apart and I could take out the little resin stirrup I created out.

Today was my first ever attempt to cast a stirrup and this was my result.....

I'm so thrilled!! It needs a little clean up and buff with the dremel but it turned out brilliantly!  I'm now creating a 2nd 2 part mould so I can cast these in pairs, I may make more if I have enough moulding rubber left.

I plan to offer these as part of my tack sets, they are a little chunkier compared to the normal RDLC ones but that is how the real things are....


  1. Lovely job! I see lots of opportunity for all sorts of parts now that you've had your first success!

  2. OOo! Love the stirrups!

  3. Nice! They look great!

  4. They are juts oodles of Great! Is the resin natually black or did you paint that one up like that?
    Can just see them with a little cage attached on a Endurance set up :)

  5. Thank you everyone! :D

    Nope, the original stirrup I used to create the mould was resin but the new ones are a tough plastic which I added a black pigment too so no chipping or cracking which is great!

  6. That's awesome! How brave to try something new like that, and how terrific that it turned out so well!


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