Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Been A While...

Oh dear it is rather dusty in here *writes name in dust*  lol. I have been so busy lately so my poor blog has been neglected, time for a little update I think.

I recently had a mad dash to get a new Hunter set out to Stacey for her show very soon and I'm now crossing everything that it all makes it in time for her. I did get a piccy of her new saddle but dunder head here forgot completely to take pics of her new bridle etc *slaps wrists*.  I have also made a new bridle with lovely cast silver buckles which I simply LOVE as they are so kind to leather, grrr I wish I had got more piccies!

I have given the saddle some of my new stirrup inserts as I hated painting treads! (Can you tell I have gone moulding mad??? LOL!).  I did try some rubber ones but they kept popping out and could easily be lost so I have made some black plastic ones that can be removed if needed, they worked out great and like the stirrups I have cast they also won't chip!

If you have been reading my blog recently you might have read about me getting my hands on a Romke resin? Well, I spend AGES sanding this guy down as I didn't like his finish, I guess he is an older resin and it was to be expected. Anyway, I wanted him as a harness horse as I thought harness would really suit him.

I was right or was I right!!!!.......

I made him a lovely black leather show harness with full cast buckles, this is an expensive option as the buckles aren't cheap but I thought it was well worth it in the long run plus they add to the finish.

Some of you may have noticed 'Sikora' is a naughty boy and has to have a lower bit bar as he keeps getting his strap work caught in his bit....well, I had to make it a tad different and I have wanted to add a fixed bit bar for ages now. I myself was naughty too as he isn't finished (hooves) but I just had to see what it all would look like....hee! hee! ;)

I'll get some more detailed shots of the harness when I get a chance as I have put as much detail in as possible. Which also just reminds me that I need new drill bits as I broke 2 drilling the terret pin holes, grrr! Off to good ole ebay I think before I forget ......

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  1. What gorgeous sets!!! That Friesian and his harness are knockouts!


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