Monday, 2 April 2012

Been a while...

Oh dear it has been a while since I last came in here....! I have been so busy with things that I just haven't had much time to get online, plus my email is currently playing up which is most unhelpful!

I have a few pieces of news my end, remember this cracked & chipped leg?

Well, he is back!!! I have to admit I had totally forgotten about him and when his parcel collection note came through my door I couldn't for the life of me think of anything that was supposed to be coming. Anyway, here his is all repaired....

He is a large Eberl 'Krono' resin I received as part of a trade for some tack, he really is a lovely big boy (sooo heavy!!!) and I'm looking forward to making some unique tack for him. Fortunately his head is the same size as EJ2 so they can share bridles if I don't get time to make him his own.

I have also just finished my Sinclair resin by Kitty Cantrell, he had been sat up on a shelf for ages waiting for me to do something with him. A little while back a friend offered to make me a cross country jump for him and that kicked off his progress!
He has been fully prepped and thankfully I was being observant at the time as I notice his mane wasn't tack friendly at all, there was no way a bridle head piece would sit behind his ears, so I cut back his mane but left enough so it will be flowing over the top and I also trimmed back his forelock too as that would'nt interfere with his browband.

Sinclair is now fully painted up, he is currently sitting happily to one side so his finally sealing coat can dry out completely and harden off.  Not a brilliant piccy I know but I didn't want to move him about too much....

I found some great thick clear acrylic disc's on ebay a while back which will make a brilliant base for his rod to stand in (I wasn't keen on the jump base he came with so didn't buy it), I just need to sweet talk someone into drilling a perfectly straight hole in the centre for me now...hee hee! I have special plans for Sinclair's performance set up which hopefully will be something a little different, you will have to wait and see on that one though.......

Little extra note as a few people have emailed me now and I'm extremely flattered but I'm sorry I don't offer to paint or customise horses. I'm still on a huge learning curve myself and I don't feel comfortable doing other peoples horses, unless I have offered of course. I'll leave paint work etc to the people that know what they are doing and stick to my tack making ;0)

Oooo! before I forget, a quick peek at my purdy boy modelling a brown raised and padded head collar I was asked to make for someone.  

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