Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just no time....

I'm seriously lacking time lately, I could do with borrowing that Time Turner from the Harry Potter film. Oooo that would be so handy! lol.

I received a LOVELY new jump today that a friend made me for Sinclair (pics coming soon!) which made me think about another jump I have sat mostly finished that needs completing and showing. I originally made it for my EJ2 but later on I have the option to change the rod, that is 'if' I can release the rod from the water?!  Here is my in progress pics of my jump, it is rather large due to the length of EJ & his tail but is came out so so well....

It is a fence taken from the UK Burghley Horse Trials, it really only needs a little tweeking. I need to finish the flags off and I want to add some worn take off and landing spots. I think I know what I will be doing this weekend instead of stuffing my face with chocolate easter eggs like this weekend *rolls eyes*, lol.

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  1. Awesome! LOL taking that last picture on the glass table makes it look like he's jumping the water jump and will land and then gallop into a still lake. Very nice work though...WOW!


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