Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I thought I'd add a post on a few things I have previously mentioned in my blog and a couple of things I haven't too.

A little while ago I received a new jump for my Sinclair that my good friend Stacey Crowley (Aus) very kindly made for me, (thank you hun!). It is just awesome and I love it! Stacey put me a hole in the base of the jump for Sinclair's rod but the one he came with unfortunately was to low, I have since however found a new one on ebay (good ole ebay!)  I just now need to cut it to length as it came as a 1 meter rod!

I couldn't wait to cut the new rod so took some piccy's with Sinclair jumping his jump using his new clear acrylic base instead. When I have his tack and rider done I will take a picture of the complete set up.

Another great buy was the clear disc that Sinclair now has as a base, I think it cost me £3 and has worked out great! I had to have it pillar drilled to get the centre hole straight but I'm really pleased with it as he is very stable on it.

Staying on the subject of jumps, I have recently been working on a Eventing set for a Legacy resin, while working on him and browsing through my Horse & Hound magazines it gave me an idea for a jump that I thought I'd like to make. As this particular boy belongs to a very good friend of mine I thought I'd create it as a surprise for her....shhh!  Here it is....

I still have some work to do on it as I need to place a hole in the green bushes for Legacy's rod so he can come off his base and I want to add some flower troughs to the top at the back of the jump. I also have to add the jump number and a few take off and landing marks too.
I just REALLY hope Glenys likes her new jump and I bet she now wishes she never told me about all her lovely new horsie shelves she has just had put up! LOL!

Well, break over and back to working on a Hunter tack set, pic's coming very soon ;0)


  1. That jump is just PERFECT for Legacy! You're a genius!

  2. Where do you get your models from? Are they artist resins?


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