Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hunter Set

Today has been a good day, I have managed to finish Val's new hunter set! The colouring isn't as bright in person it is more like the Hunter set I made on Victrix further down my blog....naughty camera playing tricks!

My next project is a pair of marathon harnesses which should be quite fun to make plus I will get a break from Hunter tack for a little while.

On another note....Yesterday I made the mistake of browsing MH$P for to long, I like to have a good look through the unpainted horsies to see what is around. This proved to be to much temptation for me as I ended up buying a horse even though I have told myself to stop buying new herd members, I have way to many as it is! HA has a listing for their clearance horses and I noticed a full prepped Romke Friesian Stally for sale, as he is already here in the UK he seemed like a nice purchase. I have wanted for a while to do a Gypsy Traveller set up and this guy would be perfect if I painted him up as a nice bay and white young cob or Vanner?  Now I'm postie watch waiting for him to 


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