Thursday, 5 April 2012

Boots for sale...

I have been experimenting for some time with different ways of getting boots to stay on without the need for buckles & tacky wax,  although I still love buckled boots as they look smart when on a horse's legs. Before Christmas I bought some teeny tiny strong magnets in the hope they could be the answer to a few of my issues. SUCCESS! They are brilliant if you want quick on and off boots, it took me a while to work out how to place them as even being as small as they are the still added bulk to the boot which as normal niggled at me.

My idea was to counter sink them into the leather so they sit flush, first I punched the right size hole for them to sit in and then I had to find some nice very thin magnetic metal for them....can's are wonderful things! lol. I made sure I carefully sanded and filed off all sharp edges before putting them on the straps/boots and 'hey presto!' they worked!

Here are my results so far -


These are my take on some pink and black 'Woof Wear' brushing boots which feature my new magnetic closures, I plan to offer these in various colours. Even poor old Sinclair looks good in Pink! He might just get a set of these for his new tack set....  

Next are some 'Woof Wear' Tendon boots, again magnetic closure. The first are some in Black with White padding, these are a full set of boots (x4).

And lastly same as above only a pair of white and blue Eskadron version, these are only 1 front pair.

All these boots are for sale if anyone is interested, prices as follows -

Pink & Black boots - $35.00 (fit Sinclair, Timepiece, JT size legs). - SOLD
Black & White full set of boots - $35.00 (same fit as above) - SOLD
White & Blue Front Boots (pair) - $15.00 (fit Memphis Belle). - SOLD
Thank you everyone, I hope you enjoy your new booties! ;)

I thought I'd give you all a chance to get these boots first before I list them to MH$P, they will be listed there tomorrow (Friday) probably.  If your interested in them you can contact me via my website. I also have more pic's if needed ;0)


  1. Wow! Those are fantastic!

  2. Sold! Email me at ;). I'm interested!

  3. AH MAN! Those are so awesome! Wish I could have gotten the blue and white ones.
    Keep up the awesome tack!

  4. Amazing! What kind of magnets do you use on these boots?


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