Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Hunter Set

Today has been a good day, I have managed to finish Val's new hunter set! The colouring isn't as bright in person it is more like the Hunter set I made on Victrix further down my blog....naughty camera playing tricks!

My next project is a pair of marathon harnesses which should be quite fun to make plus I will get a break from Hunter tack for a little while.

On another note....Yesterday I made the mistake of browsing MH$P for to long, I like to have a good look through the unpainted horsies to see what is around. This proved to be to much temptation for me as I ended up buying a horse even though I have told myself to stop buying new herd members, I have way to many as it is! HA has a listing for their clearance horses and I noticed a full prepped Romke Friesian Stally for sale, as he is already here in the UK he seemed like a nice purchase. I have wanted for a while to do a Gypsy Traveller set up and this guy would be perfect if I painted him up as a nice bay and white young cob or Vanner?  Now I'm postie watch waiting for him to 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


I thought I'd add a post on a few things I have previously mentioned in my blog and a couple of things I haven't too.

A little while ago I received a new jump for my Sinclair that my good friend Stacey Crowley (Aus) very kindly made for me, (thank you hun!). It is just awesome and I love it! Stacey put me a hole in the base of the jump for Sinclair's rod but the one he came with unfortunately was to low, I have since however found a new one on ebay (good ole ebay!)  I just now need to cut it to length as it came as a 1 meter rod!

I couldn't wait to cut the new rod so took some piccy's with Sinclair jumping his jump using his new clear acrylic base instead. When I have his tack and rider done I will take a picture of the complete set up.

Another great buy was the clear disc that Sinclair now has as a base, I think it cost me £3 and has worked out great! I had to have it pillar drilled to get the centre hole straight but I'm really pleased with it as he is very stable on it.

Staying on the subject of jumps, I have recently been working on a Eventing set for a Legacy resin, while working on him and browsing through my Horse & Hound magazines it gave me an idea for a jump that I thought I'd like to make. As this particular boy belongs to a very good friend of mine I thought I'd create it as a surprise for her....shhh!  Here it is....

I still have some work to do on it as I need to place a hole in the green bushes for Legacy's rod so he can come off his base and I want to add some flower troughs to the top at the back of the jump. I also have to add the jump number and a few take off and landing marks too.
I just REALLY hope Glenys likes her new jump and I bet she now wishes she never told me about all her lovely new horsie shelves she has just had put up! LOL!

Well, break over and back to working on a Hunter tack set, pic's coming very soon ;0)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just no time....

I'm seriously lacking time lately, I could do with borrowing that Time Turner from the Harry Potter film. Oooo that would be so handy! lol.

I received a LOVELY new jump today that a friend made me for Sinclair (pics coming soon!) which made me think about another jump I have sat mostly finished that needs completing and showing. I originally made it for my EJ2 but later on I have the option to change the rod, that is 'if' I can release the rod from the water?!  Here is my in progress pics of my jump, it is rather large due to the length of EJ & his tail but is came out so so well....

It is a fence taken from the UK Burghley Horse Trials, it really only needs a little tweeking. I need to finish the flags off and I want to add some worn take off and landing spots. I think I know what I will be doing this weekend instead of stuffing my face with chocolate easter eggs like this weekend *rolls eyes*, lol.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Boots for sale...

I have been experimenting for some time with different ways of getting boots to stay on without the need for buckles & tacky wax,  although I still love buckled boots as they look smart when on a horse's legs. Before Christmas I bought some teeny tiny strong magnets in the hope they could be the answer to a few of my issues. SUCCESS! They are brilliant if you want quick on and off boots, it took me a while to work out how to place them as even being as small as they are the still added bulk to the boot which as normal niggled at me.

My idea was to counter sink them into the leather so they sit flush, first I punched the right size hole for them to sit in and then I had to find some nice very thin magnetic metal for them....can's are wonderful things! lol. I made sure I carefully sanded and filed off all sharp edges before putting them on the straps/boots and 'hey presto!' they worked!

Here are my results so far -


These are my take on some pink and black 'Woof Wear' brushing boots which feature my new magnetic closures, I plan to offer these in various colours. Even poor old Sinclair looks good in Pink! He might just get a set of these for his new tack set....  

Next are some 'Woof Wear' Tendon boots, again magnetic closure. The first are some in Black with White padding, these are a full set of boots (x4).

And lastly same as above only a pair of white and blue Eskadron version, these are only 1 front pair.

All these boots are for sale if anyone is interested, prices as follows -

Pink & Black boots - $35.00 (fit Sinclair, Timepiece, JT size legs). - SOLD
Black & White full set of boots - $35.00 (same fit as above) - SOLD
White & Blue Front Boots (pair) - $15.00 (fit Memphis Belle). - SOLD
Thank you everyone, I hope you enjoy your new booties! ;)

I thought I'd give you all a chance to get these boots first before I list them to MH$P, they will be listed there tomorrow (Friday) probably.  If your interested in them you can contact me via my website. I also have more pic's if needed ;0)

Monday, 2 April 2012

Been a while...

Oh dear it has been a while since I last came in here....! I have been so busy with things that I just haven't had much time to get online, plus my email is currently playing up which is most unhelpful!

I have a few pieces of news my end, remember this cracked & chipped leg?

Well, he is back!!! I have to admit I had totally forgotten about him and when his parcel collection note came through my door I couldn't for the life of me think of anything that was supposed to be coming. Anyway, here his is all repaired....

He is a large Eberl 'Krono' resin I received as part of a trade for some tack, he really is a lovely big boy (sooo heavy!!!) and I'm looking forward to making some unique tack for him. Fortunately his head is the same size as EJ2 so they can share bridles if I don't get time to make him his own.

I have also just finished my Sinclair resin by Kitty Cantrell, he had been sat up on a shelf for ages waiting for me to do something with him. A little while back a friend offered to make me a cross country jump for him and that kicked off his progress!
He has been fully prepped and thankfully I was being observant at the time as I notice his mane wasn't tack friendly at all, there was no way a bridle head piece would sit behind his ears, so I cut back his mane but left enough so it will be flowing over the top and I also trimmed back his forelock too as that would'nt interfere with his browband.

Sinclair is now fully painted up, he is currently sitting happily to one side so his finally sealing coat can dry out completely and harden off.  Not a brilliant piccy I know but I didn't want to move him about too much....

I found some great thick clear acrylic disc's on ebay a while back which will make a brilliant base for his rod to stand in (I wasn't keen on the jump base he came with so didn't buy it), I just need to sweet talk someone into drilling a perfectly straight hole in the centre for me now...hee hee! I have special plans for Sinclair's performance set up which hopefully will be something a little different, you will have to wait and see on that one though.......

Little extra note as a few people have emailed me now and I'm extremely flattered but I'm sorry I don't offer to paint or customise horses. I'm still on a huge learning curve myself and I don't feel comfortable doing other peoples horses, unless I have offered of course. I'll leave paint work etc to the people that know what they are doing and stick to my tack making ;0)

Oooo! before I forget, a quick peek at my purdy boy modelling a brown raised and padded head collar I was asked to make for someone.