Thursday, 1 March 2012

One Step Forward and Three Steps Back!

I thought that in the evenings over the pass few weeks I would start putting my new website together which actually started to go quite well, then when it came to transferring my original domain name over it all started to fall apart! I have now got half a new website up and running with a new domain name, my old domain is currently in limbo and my old website gone! Nooooo!! I think I shall be bald very soon if this continues.

On the plus side my new site is working and is slowly coming together here if you take a peep please remember it is still under construction so parts are missing and some links aren't working. ;)

On a sad note my Lab was send over to doggie heaven on Monday. She has been ill since before Christmas and has done so well to carry on until now, don't get me wrong she was happily bumbling along as 'normal Tammy' but on Monday she went exactly the same as she did before Christmas when we called out the emergency vet so we knew what was coming. We has been told then that the next time we visited we would have to make a tough decision....

Here's a piccy of Tammy....trying to sneak into the cats bed, lol. Bless her.

She was originally a rescue dog who came into our local center at 51kgs, she couldn't walk and seriously looked like a beached whale... neglect comes in may forms. You should have heard the snide comments and funny looks people would give as we started to take her out. It took us time to get the weight off her but the loose skin never really disappeared so she always looked sort of podgy around the front end, hence all them wrinkles! We had the pleasure of knowing her for 5 years and she was a real character till the end, I can only hope she had a happy life with us and our other Labrador Benson.

Run free my friend, we all miss you xx


  1. So sorry to hear about Tammy, it's never easy saying goodbye but it sounds like you gave her a great new lease of life. Labs are so susceptible to weight gain.

    My 20 year old cat died nearly 6 months ago and I am nearly ready to consider getting another pet. Need to share the love!

  2. Thank you so much Lauren ;)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your cat, what a great age to reach! It must seem strange to non pet people but they are a big part of your family and do leave a hole...I still look for my lab laying right at the bottom of our stairs waiting to trip me up, lol.

    Have you decided what sort of new pet you would like? Must be different over there in Aus as you also have to contend with the wild life too? I'd like to later on offer another rescue lab a home as there are so many out there but as you know it is going to take time. ;)

    Sharing the love back {{{hugs}}} x

  3. The wildlife isn't too bad where I am (Kalgoorlie if you want to google it!). We get lots of flies, and my friend's dogs suffer from some kind of grass allergy so they're very itchy dogs. Staffordshires and mastiff's are very popular here, people seem to like tough-looking dogs! It's too hot for many long-haired breeds as well. I saw a Husky of some kind the other day and really felt for him in the heat!


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