Thursday, 8 March 2012

Dressage Set

Finally I have managed to complete 1 of my own show sets! Here are a few crappy pictures, my camera just refuses to show things in the colours they actually are...seriously need a new one.

This set was lovely to do as it just all went so well, even his leather braided reins came out really nicely.  I did however have one moment when I had done a buckle with it's tongue the wrong way around, not noticeable you might say BUT I knew it was there so had to take it apart and redo it or it would niggle at me forever, lol. His bridle has 2 browbands as I just couldn't decide so he has a over sized Swarovski crystal one and a raised version.
Quincey was one of my first proper customised horses and I'm really pleased with how he has turned out, he can now start getting ready to head off to his foster mom for his show in April.

Just my  big customised hunter boy left to go now....


  1. Your tack is amazing! Your racing sets are truly lovely. I'm adding you to my blog list, so hopefully others can see your delightful work!

  2. This saddle is amazing! Can I get a life-sized one please!? :)


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