Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tinker Tailor has new clothes....

Well my hunter has new clothes and I have named him too! He is now called 'Tinker Tailor' (He isn't so shiny to hand). I'm now debating whether or not to add white to him?

I'd like him to stay as a simple bay but I want him to also stand out in the ring too, maybe he could do with a little white? If I do give him some then I'm thinking a small hind white sock and a star on his face...maybe I need to get him in some new tack and then decide.

This is what I hope to have Tinker as -  Heavy Weight Show Hunter in Side Saddle.

Hmmmm notice the lack of white on these guys? Arghhhh! I just don't know, lol.


  1. Hi,
    I am a huge fan of your tack and have been dieing to get my hands on some for my horses. Do you have any advice on customizing them such as moving the legs? I have one that doesnt stand right but not sure how to fix it....


  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your kind comments on my tack ;)

    When I decided that my hunter was going to have his legs drastically moved I made him a base board to stand on and attached him to it via a rod which went from the board into his belly, this way I could see where his legs were going to sit and whether he would stand straight. I filled his belly hole in later on and you'd now never know it had been there.

    I then made sure I cut into his legs at the natural joints so they would move into the correct position without the whole leg bending, have good reference pictures too. Having him on a base allowed me to have the legs touching the ground sit flat, if you find the hooves won't touch completely you can always add a little apoxie to the hoof walls so it sits nicely....the board helps here too, just make sure you don't leave the hoof stood drying on it as it might stick. I rised my horse up the rod a little and supported him till the hooves were dry.

    Cristina :)


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