Friday, 17 February 2012

Slow going...

This week seemed to have started so well, I managed to finish off Christine's racing set, then Dani's bridle and finally I finished Laura's side order of some Swarovski padded browbands.

I quite like these brownbands, again some funky colours plus everyone needs a bit of bling now and then, lol.  Hmmmm....I think I may add an over sized one of these to my dressage boys bridle later on to break up his long head.

Anyway, I'm now sat with a stinking cold feeling crappy! I swear someone in Tesco's on Wednesday was habouring germs as I was fine until that evening.....curse them!! Normally I only suffer trolley rage due to old people shoving stuff in my trolley instead of their own but this time I managed to bring something home with me. After 39 hours without sleep yesterday I have decided today to give in and do diddly squat! However I did find it quite funny sat at my work dest at 3.25am wednesday night working on a saddle thinking......why???? Strange what draws you in without you realising it, lol.

Oooooo I see the postman coming, I wonder if he has some goodies today to cheer me up?!

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