Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shoes with toe clips

A few days ago I ordered some new horse shoes for Tinker from Horsing Around, unfortunately I went and ordered the toe clipped version by mistake...Oops! lol. I now have to redo Tinkers hooves so the toe clips can sit into the hoof walls neatly. As they weren't cheap and I don't see me doing another large traditional horse like Tinker I don't want to have to buy more!

As it happened this wasn't to much of a problem and I was extremely careful to not scratch or chip any paint from his hooves that would show, I will add some nails to the hoof walls a little later on to finish the shoes off. 

I wouldn't recommend adding shoes with toe clips AFTER the horse has been painted as it is so easy to make a mistake and have to redo the whole hoof. Although it isn't impossible to do it is just a pain in the bum!

You might now realise I have a thing for neat and tidy hooves, I personally think they help to complete a model and add extra detailing if done right. On the whole I'm quite pleased I did get the wrong ones as his new shoes finish him off nicely.

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