Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Productive Day!

Well today has been quite productive, I have managed to finish off Christine's Secretariat Set, I'm really please about how it has turned out especially his blinkers. This set made a refreshing change as it has been nice to work with some colour.

I also managed to finish Dani's flash bridle that is part of a jumping set, I'm very pleased with this one too. Just her 5 point breastplate and boots to go now to complete the set. Her new saddle and pad are sat waiting on my little saddle stand, why didn't I get a pic with them on the horse too?! Hind sight is a wonderful thing, lol.  

On something tack related, I received this in the post today.

For ages I have been pounce wheel searching without much luck, I do have one and it is very good but I wanted a smaller one for bridle nose and browband stitching. Recently I came across this on a model airplane site in Ireland and thought it was worth a try as one wheel was 0.55mm. It is meant for making little rivets on planes. I have tried it out and it makes little marks but it isn't great, I had to go over the little holes with my needle punch (not sure it's proper name as I had it given to me).

The outer dots are the wheel on its own and the inner ones are some I have gone over. I'm in 2 minds on these little wheels, because they are very narrow you don't get a very big hole but it does mark out the dots so you can follow them, very time comsuming but if you wanted diddy spacing it is ok.

Ah well, not a huge spend and it was worth a try, I may yet find a use for this little tool. The search continues........

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