Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Over Ambitious...

I had a little parcel turn up today! Well, first I had a red Royal Mail note shoved through the door telling me it had tried to be delivered, but I can't knock them as the postie returned 3 hrs later to try again on his way back to the depot....nice man!  I couldn't for the life of me remember what it could be especially from over the pond???

On opening the parcel I found this -

I had completely forgotten I had bought this lovely 'build it yourself' western saddle leather set from Kirsteen Haley!!! The detailing on it, well I wouldn't have the patience, lol. The little horses are what made me purchase it and they are all so sweet and so well done. *squeee*
I have cut it all out and it is now all sat in a little bag waiting to be dyed, sealed and put together.....HAH! If only you could see the clueless expression on my face, give me English saddles any day! lol. It will probably be my first and final attempt at a western saddle set.

This project will be popped to one side for a little while as I really need to finish up the tack orders I have before I take a break, plus I need to order in some hardware etc for it.

On another subject, I had to laugh at my 2 labs fighting for the brief bit of sunshine we had today too...

And yes the lab at the back really does sleep with her face planted into the floor! Strange dog?!
Its all back to doom and gloom now and freeeezzzing!!

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