Monday, 6 February 2012

My Next Victim!

Over this weekend I spend some time clearing out the cupboard with all horse 'bodies' I've collected, right at the back hiding away was a little Breyer Apple Jack (Bouncer)....I swear he knew what was coming, lol. He has such a cute little face that I have decided he will be my next custom victim, I will be keeping this one simple though and I will be tweaking him slightly here and there.

I quite fancy this little fella as a Welsh Cob. I might bring his head around, twitch his ears forward and have one hind leg resting, like he is relaxed watching with interest as to what is going on.  

On another note I have decided to leave Tinker as a Bay without white, a couple of friends have said they think he looks 'of his type' the way he is so they have swayed my decision (thank you x). I guess I also have an old fashioned view as I see the best hunters being self coloured in their pristine tack and glistening coats. Tinker will hopefully be one of them.

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