Saturday, 11 February 2012

From Bad to Worse....

Well this week started off ok but oh boy did it change! On Thursday I had a gorgeous huge Eberl warmblood arrive, he is stunning BUT he has suffered a cracked front leg in transit *cry*....

I was so disappointed as he really is lovely, fortunately his owner has sorted everything out for me. In fact she has been fantastic and arranged for him to be sent back to his original painter to be fixed right away! This is my first experience of a damaged horse, I guess I have been very lucky so far but it worked out much better than I thought it would if it happened to me.

To add to my week, I went to put Tinkers shoes on him only to turn him over with a little bit of glue on my finger.....ARGHHHHHHHHHH!! I honestly felt everything sink, he now has to be totally redone as it stands out a mile on the top of his back, I just can not believe I done this. I feel so disheartened that I almost can't be bothered to sort him out, hopefully this will pass.....
Then just to round off my day nicely and to complete it with a third thing to go wrong on me, my car decides that the right hand indicator won't work at the front! Not a huge thing you might say BUT try it when you decide to turn right with a police car sat waiting for you! I just thought 'Oh god' and listened to the extreme clicking noise it makes when one light is out.

No more bad luck please! I slowly stepped away from any tack sat on my work desk and thought it best just not to touch anything, lol.  The Secretariat racing set & Jumping set I'm working on right now will have to wait a few more days for completion.

Sneaky peek at the racing set, I'm pleased with how his new blinkers turned out. Just excuse the messy work desk, I'm sure every tack maker has one! lol.


  1. Last week I also received a Eberl Warmblood with a crack under its knee! Mine is not as noticeable, and it should be a really easy fix. Still, I understand your disappointment.

    On the plus side, the racing set looks GREAT!

  2. Hi Jenn :)

    Oh no not another one! I guess it must be a weak spot on them, I'm glad your's is easier to fix though.

    Thank you so much on the racing set! ;)

  3. Hi Cristina, love your tack!
    I find that bad luck with models comes in waves, I've had a bad run of it too lately! There's nothing worse than causing an 'injury' yourself too. At least with models you can just put them aside until you feel like dealing with them!
    I'm really intrigues about the blinkers on the race set, are they leather?

  4. Hi & thanks! :)

    Oh no not more damaged horsies! Let hope our luck changes. I do hope your ok too? :(

    Yep, I made them from very thin leather, I had huge issues with fabric versions and they drove me nuts! I wanted something that would stretch over the shape of the face and leather is perfect, plus the underside is so soft. The down side is that if you want any pattern on them then you have to apply it yourself, I used Tandy's Cova Colours for leather and it worked a treat....just don't have wobbly hands like me, lol


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