Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Being Forced to Move...!!!

A couple of days ago I was given notice and the deadline (30th April 2012) that my website host planned to close down the host I'm with in favour of their new design, this means moving all of my site over piece by piece! Arghhh! I'm not a happy bunny as it will take me ages to get all the information I have on my website over to another server and I have a serious lack of time as it is....this is not good.

Having had a trial go at their new site I don't like it! It has less features and is way more complicated to use, to add to this I have to pay more for it?! Soooo I'm shifting! This might give me the kick up the bum I need to sort through my site for what I actually NEED plus the new host I have found has much more modern tools and gadgets to play with. 

My domain name will be going with me and should take you to my new site, technology normally has other plans though and sends us into cyber space, most frustrating. So in this case I will post my new site address here too....lets hope it is the same as it is now if I managed to transfer my domain properly....HAH!!  :)

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