Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Being Forced to Move...!!!

A couple of days ago I was given notice and the deadline (30th April 2012) that my website host planned to close down the host I'm with in favour of their new design, this means moving all of my site over piece by piece! Arghhh! I'm not a happy bunny as it will take me ages to get all the information I have on my website over to another server and I have a serious lack of time as it is....this is not good.

Having had a trial go at their new site I don't like it! It has less features and is way more complicated to use, to add to this I have to pay more for it?! Soooo I'm shifting! This might give me the kick up the bum I need to sort through my site for what I actually NEED plus the new host I have found has much more modern tools and gadgets to play with. 

My domain name will be going with me and should take you to my new site, technology normally has other plans though and sends us into cyber space, most frustrating. So in this case I will post my new site address here too....lets hope it is the same as it is now if I managed to transfer my domain properly....HAH!!  :)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Slow going...

This week seemed to have started so well, I managed to finish off Christine's racing set, then Dani's bridle and finally I finished Laura's side order of some Swarovski padded browbands.

I quite like these brownbands, again some funky colours plus everyone needs a bit of bling now and then, lol.  Hmmmm....I think I may add an over sized one of these to my dressage boys bridle later on to break up his long head.

Anyway, I'm now sat with a stinking cold feeling crappy! I swear someone in Tesco's on Wednesday was habouring germs as I was fine until that evening.....curse them!! Normally I only suffer trolley rage due to old people shoving stuff in my trolley instead of their own but this time I managed to bring something home with me. After 39 hours without sleep yesterday I have decided today to give in and do diddly squat! However I did find it quite funny sat at my work dest at 3.25am wednesday night working on a saddle thinking......why???? Strange what draws you in without you realising it, lol.

Oooooo I see the postman coming, I wonder if he has some goodies today to cheer me up?!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

A Productive Day!

Well today has been quite productive, I have managed to finish off Christine's Secretariat Set, I'm really please about how it has turned out especially his blinkers. This set made a refreshing change as it has been nice to work with some colour.

I also managed to finish Dani's flash bridle that is part of a jumping set, I'm very pleased with this one too. Just her 5 point breastplate and boots to go now to complete the set. Her new saddle and pad are sat waiting on my little saddle stand, why didn't I get a pic with them on the horse too?! Hind sight is a wonderful thing, lol.  

On something tack related, I received this in the post today.

For ages I have been pounce wheel searching without much luck, I do have one and it is very good but I wanted a smaller one for bridle nose and browband stitching. Recently I came across this on a model airplane site in Ireland and thought it was worth a try as one wheel was 0.55mm. It is meant for making little rivets on planes. I have tried it out and it makes little marks but it isn't great, I had to go over the little holes with my needle punch (not sure it's proper name as I had it given to me).

The outer dots are the wheel on its own and the inner ones are some I have gone over. I'm in 2 minds on these little wheels, because they are very narrow you don't get a very big hole but it does mark out the dots so you can follow them, very time comsuming but if you wanted diddy spacing it is ok.

Ah well, not a huge spend and it was worth a try, I may yet find a use for this little tool. The search continues........

Saturday, 11 February 2012

From Bad to Worse....

Well this week started off ok but oh boy did it change! On Thursday I had a gorgeous huge Eberl warmblood arrive, he is stunning BUT he has suffered a cracked front leg in transit *cry*....

I was so disappointed as he really is lovely, fortunately his owner has sorted everything out for me. In fact she has been fantastic and arranged for him to be sent back to his original painter to be fixed right away! This is my first experience of a damaged horse, I guess I have been very lucky so far but it worked out much better than I thought it would if it happened to me.

To add to my week, I went to put Tinkers shoes on him only to turn him over with a little bit of glue on my finger.....ARGHHHHHHHHHH!! I honestly felt everything sink, he now has to be totally redone as it stands out a mile on the top of his back, I just can not believe I done this. I feel so disheartened that I almost can't be bothered to sort him out, hopefully this will pass.....
Then just to round off my day nicely and to complete it with a third thing to go wrong on me, my car decides that the right hand indicator won't work at the front! Not a huge thing you might say BUT try it when you decide to turn right with a police car sat waiting for you! I just thought 'Oh god' and listened to the extreme clicking noise it makes when one light is out.

No more bad luck please! I slowly stepped away from any tack sat on my work desk and thought it best just not to touch anything, lol.  The Secretariat racing set & Jumping set I'm working on right now will have to wait a few more days for completion.

Sneaky peek at the racing set, I'm pleased with how his new blinkers turned out. Just excuse the messy work desk, I'm sure every tack maker has one! lol.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Over Ambitious...

I had a little parcel turn up today! Well, first I had a red Royal Mail note shoved through the door telling me it had tried to be delivered, but I can't knock them as the postie returned 3 hrs later to try again on his way back to the depot....nice man!  I couldn't for the life of me remember what it could be especially from over the pond???

On opening the parcel I found this -

I had completely forgotten I had bought this lovely 'build it yourself' western saddle leather set from Kirsteen Haley!!! The detailing on it, well I wouldn't have the patience, lol. The little horses are what made me purchase it and they are all so sweet and so well done. *squeee*
I have cut it all out and it is now all sat in a little bag waiting to be dyed, sealed and put together.....HAH! If only you could see the clueless expression on my face, give me English saddles any day! lol. It will probably be my first and final attempt at a western saddle set.

This project will be popped to one side for a little while as I really need to finish up the tack orders I have before I take a break, plus I need to order in some hardware etc for it.

On another subject, I had to laugh at my 2 labs fighting for the brief bit of sunshine we had today too...

And yes the lab at the back really does sleep with her face planted into the floor! Strange dog?!
Its all back to doom and gloom now and freeeezzzing!!

Monday, 6 February 2012

My Next Victim!

Over this weekend I spend some time clearing out the cupboard with all horse 'bodies' I've collected, right at the back hiding away was a little Breyer Apple Jack (Bouncer)....I swear he knew what was coming, lol. He has such a cute little face that I have decided he will be my next custom victim, I will be keeping this one simple though and I will be tweaking him slightly here and there.

I quite fancy this little fella as a Welsh Cob. I might bring his head around, twitch his ears forward and have one hind leg resting, like he is relaxed watching with interest as to what is going on.  

On another note I have decided to leave Tinker as a Bay without white, a couple of friends have said they think he looks 'of his type' the way he is so they have swayed my decision (thank you x). I guess I also have an old fashioned view as I see the best hunters being self coloured in their pristine tack and glistening coats. Tinker will hopefully be one of them.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Shoes with toe clips

A few days ago I ordered some new horse shoes for Tinker from Horsing Around, unfortunately I went and ordered the toe clipped version by mistake...Oops! lol. I now have to redo Tinkers hooves so the toe clips can sit into the hoof walls neatly. As they weren't cheap and I don't see me doing another large traditional horse like Tinker I don't want to have to buy more!

As it happened this wasn't to much of a problem and I was extremely careful to not scratch or chip any paint from his hooves that would show, I will add some nails to the hoof walls a little later on to finish the shoes off. 

I wouldn't recommend adding shoes with toe clips AFTER the horse has been painted as it is so easy to make a mistake and have to redo the whole hoof. Although it isn't impossible to do it is just a pain in the bum!

You might now realise I have a thing for neat and tidy hooves, I personally think they help to complete a model and add extra detailing if done right. On the whole I'm quite pleased I did get the wrong ones as his new shoes finish him off nicely.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tinker Tailor has new clothes....

Well my hunter has new clothes and I have named him too! He is now called 'Tinker Tailor' (He isn't so shiny to hand). I'm now debating whether or not to add white to him?

I'd like him to stay as a simple bay but I want him to also stand out in the ring too, maybe he could do with a little white? If I do give him some then I'm thinking a small hind white sock and a star on his face...maybe I need to get him in some new tack and then decide.

This is what I hope to have Tinker as -  Heavy Weight Show Hunter in Side Saddle.

Hmmmm notice the lack of white on these guys? Arghhhh! I just don't know, lol.